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Goals: Brentford – Man City – Played on 05/28/2023

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Liverpool – Brentford – Played on 05/06/2023

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Man United triumphs over Brentford, putting an end to their rivalry.

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Another stumble for Arsenal against Brentford

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The floundering Liverpool fell by three against Brentford

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Brentford coach: With the second lowest budget, they are able to defeat any team

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Manchester City – Brentford: summary, result, and goals

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Brentford surprised Manchester City, beat him, and left him without the top of the Premier League

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Ivan Toney surprises Manchester City and takes Guardiola’s team away from the top

Nothing could separate Brentford and Chelsea
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Nothing could separate Brentford and Chelsea

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Arsenal’s win against Brentford to take the lead

Manchester United'
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Manchester United’ win a treble against Brentford