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Hakimi and Messi saved Paris in front of Toulouse

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Paris emerges from the dark tunnel with a triptych in Montpellier

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With a goal of +90… Saint-Germain stumbled in the Princes’ Park at the start of the second round

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By train, Mbappe… Paris run over a sixth-division team in the French Cup

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Paris receives Mbappe and Hakimi with a new fall in the French League

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Paris bid farewell to 2022 with a dramatic victory over Strasbourg

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Parisians shine to leave with a light heart!

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PSG ‘s power and strength on full display vs Juve

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Paris Saint-Germain extended lead vs Ajaccio

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PSG had to dig and win against Marseille!

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Kylian Mbappe became PSG’s scorer, vs Benfica

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Verratti’s tirade against arbitration