Lionel Messi’s Barcelona Return Enters Decisive Stage



The eagerly anticipated deal for Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona from Paris Saint-Germain has reached its final stage. Barcelona officials, including vice president Rafa Yusti, have recently been speaking openly about Messi’s potential return, signaling a bold approach by the Catalan club. While Barcelona President Laporta had previously stated their ability to compete with any offer, Messi has remained silent amidst the ongoing discussions.

Awaiting the French League Title and Financial Clearance:

Barcelona has been patiently waiting for two key factors before progressing further. Firstly, they expect Messi to secure the French League title with Paris Saint-Germain, a feat that could be accomplished in their upcoming match against Strasbourg. Additionally, Barcelona anticipates receiving the green light from La Liga regarding their financial plan, which will enable them to make serious moves toward bringing back Messi.

Challenges Ahead: Equivalent Sales and Contract Requirements:

Despite Barcelona’s optimism, there are obstacles to overcome. La Liga’s vice president, Edward Romeo, has warned that contracts can only be finalized if equivalent sales are made. Barcelona has yet to fulfill the registration and contract renewal requirements for players such as Araujo, Javi, Marcos Alonso, Sergi Roberto, Inaki Peña, and Baldi. Resolving these issues will be crucial to moving forward with Messi’s return.


Confidence in Barcelona:

Despite the challenges, FC Barcelona remains confident about Messi’s return, even in the absence of a concrete offer. Positive signals from Messi’s surroundings indicate the possibility of him playing at “Camp Nou” in the upcoming season. It is noteworthy that Messi has not responded to the substantial offer from Saudi club Al-Hilal, which amounts to 500 million euros annually.


The long-awaited return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona has reached a critical stage. Barcelona officials are displaying a bold approach in discussing Messi’s potential comeback while awaiting his triumph in the French League and clearance from La Liga regarding their financial plan. Although challenges exist, Barcelona remains optimistic, fueled by positive signals from Messi’s camp. The footballing world eagerly awaits the final decision of the legendary Argentine star.


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