The Inter wins Sampdoria in a taugh victory


The Inter train crossed Sampdoria and seized control of the summit region.

Inter_Milan – #Sampdoria -Played on 10/29/ 2022

In the encounter that brought them together at San Siro Stadium this evening, within the

framework of the 12th round of the Italian League, Inter put up a strong display against its

guest Sampdoria, and succeeded in securing a sizable victory (3-0).

Inter’s three goals came from Stephan de Vriy (age 21), Nicolo Parilla (age 44), and Joaquin

Correa, who completed the scoring (73).

After securing its fourth straight wins with this victory, Inter increased its score to 24 points

and momentarily moved up to fourth place in the standings, while Sampdoria’s balance

remained at 6 points in 18th place.

When eight minutes of play, Dzeko made the game’s first effort after Laotaro blasted the

ball in a rapid counterattack to pass it to him. Dzeko then dribbled past several defenders

within the penalty area before firing a feeble shot into the centre of the goal and into

goalkeeper Odeiro’s hands. Stephane de Vree gave the Nerazzurri the lead in the 21st minute

of the match. The Dutch defender climbed higher than anybody else and redirected a

corner taken by Calhangulu inside the area with a missile header into the goal Odero.

After receiving the ball in the 26th minute after a fast pass from Laotaro from the middle of

the field, Mkhitaryan nearly scored a second goal.

After numerous touches of the ball between the feet of the Inter players, Federico sent a

strong ball from within the area that hit the side netting of the Samp goal in the 31st minute,

but Demarco, the left wing of Inter, missed the opportunity. After an amazing ball from

Bastoni hit the Sampdoria defense in front of the Inter penalty area, Nicolo Barilla was

singled out with the goal and unleashed a missile shot from within the area that was not

blocked or answered by the Odero nets in the 44th minute to double the score.


After the ball reached Demarco in the 49th minute on the left side from within the area and

he passed a cross to Lautaro, who is free of censorship, the striker missed Lautaro and put

The Inter wins Sampdoria

the ball outside the goal, adding the most dangerous opportunity of the match. Only a few seconds later, Dzeko missed a second goal opportunity when the Bosnian striker put the defender behind him with a ball deep in the Sampdoria defense, was unique in the goal, hit the ball, and passed adjacent to Odero’s left post. Sampdoria gave Inter more opportunities to score, but in the 59th minute, a fixed free kick that was taken within the box cost Inter a new goal.

The combination of Dzeko, Lautaro, and Bastoni was replaced by Lukaku, Correa, and Acerbi in the 68th minute by Nerazzurri coach Simone Inzaghi. After running from behind his team’s penalty area and into Sampdoria’s penalty area in the 73rd minute, substitute Correa added a stunning third goal to make the score 2-0. He hit an excellent missile shot from a difficult angle into the goal. And there was a genuine opportunity for Inter in the 79th minute when, following numerous attempts that scattered the defense before reaching Korea in front of goal, the striker unleashed a strong shot with the possibility to record his second and fourth goals for Inter.

Sampdoria’s best chance to score came in the 87th minute when Pussetto received the ball inside the penalty area and launched a crawling ground shot towards the goal. However, Inter goalkeeper Lola Onana made a heroic effort to defend his goal and deflect the ball away with his foot. If it weren’t for Onana’s deft play in keeping the ball out of his line, Inter defender Acerby might have scored an own goal in overtime and in the last seconds of the game.


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