The latest: England team defeated Andorra in FIFA World Cup 2022

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Jesse Lingard scored his first England goals since November 2018

The latest: England team defeated Andorra in FIFA World Cup 2022

The England team defeated Andorra in an easy and predictable way at Wembley Stadium. And the smooth road to the World Cup in Qatar next year continues to win their fifth consecutive qualifying group.

coach Gareth Southgate made 11 changes to the team that won 40 victories in Hungary. Preparing for the toughest test of European Group I in Poland on Wednesday.

Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford made his debut but failed to make the net in the regular one-sided matchup against Andorra. Although his injury-limiting practice was not relatively successful until the last 20 minutes.

Jesse Lingard took a left-footed shot in the 18th minute to give England the lead, but it was not until the 72nd minute that Harry Kane replaced Bamford and scored his 40th goal after Christian.

The lead has expanded again. Garcia fouled Mason Mount.

Andorra was inevitably tired, and Lingard took his second and third from England with a low shot. And Andorra goalkeeper Josep Gomes escaped A catastrophe.

At Wembley, Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka ushered in real joy at Wembley Stadium.

His last experience at Wembley missed England’s Euro 2020 final In the decisive penalty that he lost to Italy. He celebrated his 20th birthday with a beautiful header in 5 minutes. once.

Bellingham, collective action

England’s performance. Whether individual or collective, must be marked by the background of the Andorran opposition, which is currently located entirely between New Caledonia and the Dominican Republic. Ranked 156th in the current FIFA rankings.

However, there is no doubt that there is a real rising star in the England team: 18-year-old Jude Bellingham from Dortmund.

Before coming to Dortmund with his England teammate and new Manchester United signing Jadon Sancho, the young man who appeared in Birmingham bears the mark of quality in everything he does.

Although this opponent’s ranking may be low, it should also be noted that Bellingham looks very cool wearing an England jersey in almost every international game, and it is also cool at home.

The first moment of footwork impressed the audience at Wembley, and then he moved without enthusiasm, a bit higher than everyone else on the court, until Southgate asked him to withdraw from the game.

Bellingham was designated as a young man destined to accomplish an extraordinary career after his fame in Birmingham. Since then, he has not taken any action to change the view that England has the highest level of artists.

The joy of Lingard and Saka

Lingard’s chances at Manchester United may be limited this season, but his cheerful and lively performance, plus two goals, make up for the coach Southgate’s view of what he can do for the World Cup.

Conviction to make a major contribution. England World. Qualified for election.

In the end, there was a moment of true ecstasy when Saka went home to make England’s victory even more compelling.

In July, England lost the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

Saka missed the last penalty in the penalty shootout, which broke his heart and was immediately subjected to shameful racist abuse.

Since then, even on the opposition court, the Arsenal youngster has received a heartfelt welcome. And every time his name is announced at Wembley, he will be acclaimed.

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