The latest: Jesse Marsch’s RB Leipzig out of Champions League after dramatic draw with PSG

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RB Leipzig vs PSH highlights

RB Leipzig had 2-2 draw with PSG and penalized injury time, resulting in a loss from the Champions League on Wednesday.

Georginio Wijnaldam scored the first two goals of the new club Paris Saint-Germain as the French giant fell second only to Manchester City in Group A.

Leipzig took the lead in the 8th minute through Christopher Nkunku and missed the chance to win a double when André Silva was penalized in the 12th minute.

Dominik Szobosley was better in the second half of the downtime saving one point for the Germans.

The German was looking for a win that would increase the narrow chances of a knockout spot, but got off to a great start when Nkunku left the near post eight minutes into the match.

When the penalty was given four minutes later, the host was able to double the lead, but Silva’s tame attempt was stopped by goalkeeper Gianliji Don Narma.

It was a turning point in the game when the
Neymar and Kylian Mbappe Winardum PSG enabled equalizers.

He attacked again on the 39th, scoring a second goal in the evening and celebrating it after a long VAR review.

Mbappe scored shortly before half-time, but goalkeeper Peter Grach used his reflexes to parry the French striker.

Due to France’s poor defense, Leipzig continued to look for space to fit in the box,

But struggling to finish, Domini missed his best chance.

The Hungarians, however, took the stoptime penalty given to Nkunku’s foul, earned an equalizer, scored the team’s first points and won the race for a European hold league location.

“We created many opportunities, but gave up some, so they stayed in the game,” Wijnaldum said.

“Sometimes we made it easy for them.”

“When I saw the end of the game, I lost the ball many times.

Maybe we didn’t take the chance either. Leipzig deserves points.

“I work hard every day to get to know my teammates better. I hope I can continue with this form,” he added.

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