Tunisia Secures African Cup of Nations Berth with Dominant Win over Botswana

In a pivotal clash during the final round of African Cup of Nations (Côte d’Ivoire 2023) qualifiers, the Tunisian national team delivered a commanding performance, defeating Botswana with a resounding score of 3-0. This crucial victory unfolded at the Hamadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium in Brades, cementing Tunisia’s place in the upcoming tournament.


Alvord Belavi’s Unintended Contribution

Tunisia’s triumphant hat-trick featured a unique contribution from Alvord Belavi, a player from Botswana, who inadvertently scored an own goal in the 60th minute. This fortuitous turn of events set the stage for Tunisia’s dominance.

Youssef Msakni Seals the Deal

Youssef Msakni added to Tunisia’s lead with the second and third goals for the Carthage Eagles in the 82nd and 90+3rd minutes, respectively. Msakni‘s stellar performance ensured Tunisia’s convincing victory and their place in the African Cup of Nations.

Tunisia Tops Group with Convincing Qualification

Following this triumph, the Tunisian national team emerged as the group leader in Group Ten, securing qualification for the African Cup of Nations finals. Their impressive campaign saw them accumulate 13 points from six matches, featuring four victories, one draw, and one defeat.

A Rollercoaster Journey to Qualification

Tunisia’s path to qualification was marked by ups and downs, as they briefly lost their group lead in the previous round with a defeat against Equatorial Guinea (1-0). However, the tide turned in their favor as Equatorial Guinea stumbled to a draw against Libya in the last round, ultimately paving the way for Tunisia to regain their leadership.

With their ticket to the African Cup of Nations secured, Tunisia’s national team now sets its sights on a strong performance in the tournament as they prepare to face the continent’s top footballing talent in Côte d’Ivoire 2023.

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