Uruguay disappoints and does not pass the tie with South Korea

Uruguay – South Korea – Played on 11/24/ 2022

Despite the 0-0 draw, Uruguay and South Korea gave away a great game, exciting and with many dangerous plays; unfortunately, the goal could not arrive.

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Uruguay and South Korea drew 0-0 in a match corresponding to the first round of the group stage of sector H. The meeting held at the Education City Stadium marked the beginning of the activity that will close the game between Portugal and Ghana.

The game was extremely fought, but, in turn, extremely entertaining. Uruguay started as a favourite, due to its figures and its history, but South Korea, as it has shown in its last World Cups, was not going to be an easy nut to crack.

Give and take with an Uruguayan team headed by the dynamism of Federico Valverde, the great engine of Diego Alonso ‘s team; while the Asians tried to take possession of the ball and exploit their speed down the wings.

In fact, it was South Korea that started the game the best, however, Uruguay would have the first big danger play. It was Pajarito Valverde, with a shot that went high after a great pass from José María Giménez. Immediately, another charrúa notice, but through Darwin Núñez.

South Korea answered and was strong after a shot from the penalty spot by Ui-jo-Hwang. A serious failure that was the first of the Asians.

However, the most dangerous play in the first half would end up on the post for the Uruguayans after an extraordinary header by Diego Godín.

For the second half, the dynamics would be very similar. The game too fought, with options for both sides and with constant danger.

Uruguay gave entry to Edinson Cavani for a missing Luis Suárez. Immediately, the dynamics of the Valencia player were noticed in favor of the South Americans.

There would quickly be controversy. A possible push from Rodrigo Bentancur would not be flagged by France’s whistling Clement Turpin despite VAR beginning its review process.

The second clearest of the game would come through Federico Valverde with a shot that exploded off the crossbar. South Korea would answer with a great cross-shot from Son Heung-min that went wide.

Despite the attempts of both teams, the zero failed to break. A very positive marker for South Korea, and a negative for Uruguay.

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