West Ham! ignites the Premier League

Manchester City reversed its two-goal deficit to draw (2-2) against its host West Ham! , in the match hosted by the London Olympic Stadium today, Sunday, as part of the 37th round of the English Premier League.

Watch the goals of West Ham United vs Manchester City

West Ham!

West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen (24-45) scored the double, while City’s Jack Grealish (49) and

Vladimir Koval scored an own goal (69).

With this result, City consolidated its lead in the standings table after raising its score to 90

points, while West Ham raised its score to 56 points in seventh place.

Then West Ham formed the first danger in the match in the third minute, after Dawson rose

to a cross with a header that went over the crossbar.

As well as City almost opened the scoring in the 22nd minute, with a shot from Rodrigo

from the edge of the area, hitting Dawson’s foot and almost surprising Fabiansky, but it

went a little over the crossbar.

Besides Fernandinho followed him with a missile from outside the area in the 23rd minute,

slightly over the crossbar.

Moreover West Ham opened the scoring in the 24th minute, after Bowen received a

distinctive intersection, to be unique to Ederson and evade the Brazilian goalkeeper, and he

shot easily into the net.

However City tried to adjust in the 30th minute, with a powerful shot from Laporte from outside the rea, which went over the crossbar.

City’s advance towards West Ham’s goal continued, with a ground shot from Jesus from

inside the area in the 36th minute, which just passed next to the post.

City continued to rely on shooting from outside the area, and the attempt came through

Zinchenko this time in the 39th minute, with a ground shot that passed next to the post.

Although West Ham added the second goal in the 45th minute, after Antonio sent a magical

ball to Bowen, who fired a powerful ball from inside the area into the net. The first half

ended with West Ham leading with two goals without a response.

Above all City managed to reduce the difference early at the beginning of the second half in the 49th minute, after Rodrigo headed a ball to Grealish on the edge of the area, who hit a direct shot, hitting Dawson’s foot and changing its direction by deceiving Fabiansky and into the net.

City’s offensive continued in search of an amendment, with a ground shot from Jesus from inside the area in the 52nd minute, Fabiansky starred in removing it to a corner kick.

City and almost scored the second in the 56th minute, after Grealish paved the ball to Bernardo inside the area, who hit Fabianski’s brilliance ball in stopping it.

And City got a violation on the edge of the penalty area in the 60th minute, which was executed by De Bruyne with a direct shot over the crossbar.

Fernandinho made a big mistake in returning the ball to Ederson in the 65th minute, but Antonio caught it and tried to shoot a lob, but his ball passed next to the post.

Zinchenko hit a powerful ball from outside the area in the 68th minute, which was saved by Fabiansky.

City managed to adjust the result in the 69th minute, after Mahrez sent a cross from a violation, Koval tried to head it away, but he scored by mistake.

Rodrygo appeared in the 74th minute, with a powerful shot from outside the area, which Fabiansky saved.

West Ham almost took the lead again, after Sochik headed a ball to Bowen inside the area, who hit a powerful ball that hit Laporte and just passed next to the post.

City got a penalty in the 85th minute, due to Dawson’s obstruction on Jesus, and the referee needed to refer to the  instant reply to calculate it.

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