A crazy rebound gives Arsenal a fatal victory against Bournemouth

Goals: Arsenal – Bournemouth – Played on 03/04/2023

Arsenal overturned a two-goal deficit to victory (3-2) against its guest, Bournemouth, this evening, Saturday, at the Emirates Stadium, in the 26th round of the English Premier League.

Bournemouth duo Philip Billing (1) and Marcus Senesi (57) scored, while Arsenal’s hat-trick Thomas Partey (62), Benjamin White (70) and Reese Nelson (97) scored.

With that result, Arsenal raised its tally to 63 points at the top of the standings, while Bournemouth’s balance froze at 21 points in 19th place.

Bournemouth opened the scoring early in the first minute, after Ottara sent a cross into the area, and Billing, unmarked, followed it up inside the area with a direct shot into the net.

Arsenal almost scored a draw quickly in the fourth minute, with a powerful ground shot from Odegaard from the border of the area, which was blocked by Neto and Saka followed it up with another shot from inside the area, the goalkeeper shone in addressing it.

Odegaard returned to try in the fifth minute, following up a pass on the border of the area, hitting a straight ball that Neto tackled twice.

Bournemouth wasted a real opportunity to add the second goal in the 20th minute from a quick counterattack, started by Solanki and passed to Billing, who sent a through ball to Uttara, to free Bramsdale and hit the Arsenal goalkeeper’s ball in response.

Arsenal responded in the 23rd minute, by executing Odegaard for a direct ball violation, which passed shortly to the post.

And in the third minute of stoppage time, Martinelli penetrated into the area, hitting a ball that passed near the post, to end the first half with Bournemouth advancing (1-0).

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Arsenal started the second half, with a strong ground shot from Odegaard from the edge of the area in the 52th minute, which Neto caught.

And from a quick attack in the 54th minute, Martinelli reached inside the area, but his selfish game hit a ball that went over the crossbar.

Bournemouth increased Arsenal’s suffering by adding a second goal in the 57th minute, with Sennissi rising to a cross from a corner kick, hitting a powerful header that hit the net.

Arsenal narrowed the difference in the 62nd minute, after Neto removed a cross from a corner kick, to be followed by Smith Roy with a header pass to Barty inside the 6-yard area, who in turn hit a direct ball that hit the net.

Bournemouth tried to surprise again in the 65th minute, when Solanki received a through ball inside the area, to hit a powerful ball, Ramsdale shone in stopping it.

Arsenal succeeded in adjusting the score in the 70th minute, after Nelson sent a cross to White, who was unmarked, inside the area, to hit a direct ball that was saved by Neto, but after the ball crossed the goal line.

Al-Qaim sympathized with Bournemouth and denied Arsenal the third goal in the 73rd minute, after he blocked a shot from Saka that changed its direction after colliding with the Bournemouth defense.

And Arsenal continued to crawl in search of victory, with a quick start from Martinelli from the depths in the 75th minute, until he reached the penalty area, hitting a powerful ball that went over the crossbar.

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Vieira hit a ball from the edge of the area in the 78th minute, which went over the crossbar.

Arsenal almost scored the third goal in the 83rd minute, with Saka following a ball away from Bournemouth’s defense inside the area, to shoot a direct ball at the bird, which went wide of the goal.

Odegaard returned to try with a powerful shot from outside the area in the 88th minute, which went over the crossbar.

In the fifth minute of stoppage time, Nelson hit a ball from outside the area, which Neto caught.

Arsenal scored the third deadly goal in the 97th minute, with a missile shot from Nelson from inside the area, which hit the net, and the match ended with the victory of the Gunners (3-2).

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