A surprise shakes Catalonia

Press leaks confirmed that Uruguayan and Atletico Madrid star Luis Suarez wants to return to Catalonia.

The player called Xavi and told him that he was ready with a low salary.

The strange thing is that Barcelona is thinking about it, but is Suarez currently better than the brilliant Luke de Jong

or will the relations between Suarez and Xavi be more important than Barcelona’s interests?


Press reports confirmed that Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez wants to return to his former club Barcelona

especially after the arrival of his former colleague Xavi Hernandez as coach of the team.

Spanish journalist (Marcial Llorente) said that the return of Uruguayan star Luis Suarez, to the ranks of Barcelona, ​​​​has become possible.

According to Llorente,

the Atletico Madrid striker offered himself to his former club in order to return to it again.

He indicated that Suarez had contacted Barca coach Xavi Hernandez

and told him that he was ready to return for a reduced salary.

Llorente stated that Barcelona is currently studying this option, based on the desire of Xavi.

This deal will shake the rest of Catalonia, especially the Spanish team’s need for the top scorer, Suarez, who will restore the scoring life once more to Xavi’s book.

It is noteworthy that the contract with Suarez will be based on a nomination by the coach of the team,

especially since Xavi was suffering from translating many opportunities for goals. Suarez has achieved many accomplishments with the Catalan team, namely With his current club, Atletico Madrid, he won the La Liga title last year, and had a major role in achieving the Rojoblancos title