AC Milan thrashes Atalanta and closes in on the Scudetto

AC Milan won a crucial match against Atalanta (2-0) on Sunday evening at the San Siro stadium in the 37th round of the Italian League.


AC Milan

Milan now has an 83-point lead over Inter Milan, who must either lose to Cagliari tonight or

grab one point from their penultimate match against Sassuolo to win the Italian League.

According to the ” Opta ” network, which specializes in football statistics, the Rossoneri have

never scored more points in the Calcio than they have this season, except in “2005-2006,”

when they scored 88 points.

Milan launched a rapid counter-attack, but Krunic made a mistake in passing the ball late,

allowing it to be intercepted by an Atalanta defender and returned to Tonali, who hit a

long-range ground shot that went just past goalkeeper Musso’s right post.

And in the 21st minute, the Portuguese Liao came close to scoring the opening goal of the

match after receiving the ball on the left side to unleash a deceptive shot, but it was feeble,

and Musso was able to catch it.

In the 30th minute, Atalanta attacker Muriel approached his team’s advance following a ball

hit beyond the area, launching a rocket-propelled grenade, which Milan goalkeeper Mainan

superbly stopped.

Before the end of the first half, Giroud fell into the penalty area and demanded a penalty

kick after colliding with Demsiti, an Atalanta defender, but the referee refused to award a

penalty kick because video technology confirmed that the friction occurred outside the

penalty area, in a shot in which the referee issued Giroud a yellow card after a serious


A serious opportunity emerged for Zappacosta

at the start of the second half, when he

penetrated from the left side and unleashed a shot that hit Calabria’s feet and went over

Mainan’s crossbar to a corner.

Milan received a free kick from outside the penalty area in the 53rd minute, which was taken

by Theo Hernandez with a powerful deceiving effort, but it struck the side netting of goalie

Musso’s goal.

Liao scored the game’s opening goal in the 57th minute, after receiving a pass from Messias, who had only entered the game a few seconds before, and firing a ground shot from between the goalkeeper’s feet into the net.

In the 71st minute, Zapata had a chance to level the score when a corner ball was taken within the penalty area, and Zapata rose to it and turned it with a header that went just past the post.
After a quick rebound, Theo shot from in front of his team’s penalty area to the opponent’s penalty area, passing through the Atalanta defenders and hitting a ground ball that the goalkeeper failed to deal with, Theo doubled the score for Milan in the 75th minute.

And Milan goalkeeper Musso saved an explicit one from Rebic, who came on as a substitute, to deny the team the chance to add a third goal and enhance the goal yield.
Zapata took advantage of the ball and his link in front of the six-yard area to hit it and hit goalie Mainan’s foot, exiting to a corner, in the 85th minute.

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