The most heart-stopping moments from Juventus vs Sporting Lisbon: Watch the highlights now!


Goals: Sporting CP -Juventus – Played on 04/20/2023

Juventus has qualified for the Euroleague semi-finals after a 1-1 draw with Sporting Lisbon in the second leg of the quarter-finals at Jose Alvaladi Stadium. The Bianconeri had won the first leg at home with a score of 1-0, thus securing their spot in the next round with an aggregate score of 2-1. In the semi-finals, Juventus will face Sevilla, who qualified after beating Manchester United 3-0 in the second leg of the same round.

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First Half Action

Juventus got off to a quick start with Adrien Rabiot scoring the opening goal in the 9th minute. Rabiot fired a direct shot into the net, putting Juventus ahead. Sporting Lisbon tried to adjust the score quickly with Marcus Edwards passing a deceptive cross that was on its way to the net, but it passed near the left post of the Juventus goalkeeper, Wojciech Chesney.

Trincao fired a ball that hit the post, and it bounced back to Ugarte, who tried to penetrate into the area. However, he fell after being blocked by Rabiot, and the referee awarded a penalty kick to Sporting Lisbon. In the 20th minute, Marcus Edwards scored the penalty kick after hitting the ball in the middle of the goal while Chesney went to the left.

Sporting’s Dangerous Opportunities

During the match, Sporting Lisbon had several dangerous opportunities. In one instance, Diomandy took a corner inside the area, and his header missed the left post of Chesney. Ugarte also attempted to score from outside the area, but his shot flew above the Juventus goal.


In the second half, Sporting called for a penalty kick due to a handball on Vlahovic, but the referee consulted with video technology, and the game continued. Edwards passed a golden ball to Iskhayo, who fired a missile shot, but it passed higher than the Juventus goal.

Coates missed two opportunities to score, including a cross from the left into the six yards, which Coates met with an accidental touch instead of putting it into the net.

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Second Half Action

In the second half, Juventus missed some opportunities as well. Cuadrado penetrated with missile speed and passed a ball on a plate of gold, but Vlahovic failed to put the ball into the net. Vlahovic set off and passed the ball to Keiza on the edge of the area, and Federico fired a shot with his left, but it passed higher than the goal, so the tie continued.

Sporting also had some missed opportunities in the second half. Edwards passed from the right and passed a cross, which Coates met with a shot higher than the goal, although the goalkeeper was in the near corner.

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Despite Sporting Lisbon’s dangerous opportunities, Juventus held on and secured their spot in the next round. The draw was enough for the Bianconeri to qualify for the Euroleague semi-finals, where they will face Sevilla.

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