Al-Hilal passes Wydad to the semi-finals of the Club World Cup

Goals: Wydad Casablanca – Al Hilal FC -Played on 02/04/ 2023

Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia qualified for the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, which is currently being held in Morocco, after its victory over Moroccan Wydad Casablanca by penalty kicks (5-3) after the end of the original and extra time with a draw (1-1).

Moroccan Wydad was the first to score by Ayoub Al-Amoud in the 52nd minute before Al-Hilal equalized the score through Mohamed Kno from a penalty kick, which he successfully executed in the minute (90 + 3).

With this victory, Al Hilal Saudi Arabia qualifies to face Brazilian Flamengo in the Club World Cup semi-finals.

mutual attack

Moroccan Wydad entered quickly and pressed offensively to score an early goal, and Reda Al-Jaadi almost did it with a powerful shot, but it passed near the top crossbar of Al-Mayouf’s goal.

Musa Mariga tried to respond with a quick counterattack, but he was unable to keep the ball in light of the strong defense from Wydad.

Jalal Al-Daoudi hit a ball from a direct free kick, but Al-Maouf pushed it away with difficulty to bounce and find Yahya Gibran, who fired a powerful shot over the top crossbar of Al-Hilal’s goal.

Before Al-Hilal took control of the ball and tried to attack the Wydad goal, but the defense and the goalkeeper were on time.

white target

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The Wydad team tried to control the ball and surprise Al-Hilal with serious attacks, but it did not result in anything.

The owner of the land, Wydad, scored a goal in the 19th minute, but the referee canceled it due to the grounds of offside Jalal Daoudi.

Before Al-Hilal returned to control the ball and forced Wydad to retreat defensively, amid a crescent attack to score the initiative goal.

Al-Hilal had an opportunity from a direct free kick in the 23rd minute, but Nasser Al-Dossary hit it with his left hard, wide of the goal.

Wydad was the best and most dangerous attacker in the remaining minutes of the first half, but the defective goalkeeper and in front of him the defense led by Korean Jang Hyun-soo blocked their attempts.

Ayoub Al-Amoud almost added a first goal for Wydad after Didier Lamkel Zee played a dangerous cross, which Al-Amoud followed with a header, but it passed by the goal, to settle the goalless tie in the first half.

In the 49th minute, a dangerous opportunity arose for Al-Hilal, to score the first goal, after Ali Al-Bulayhi followed a cross from Salem Al-Dosari inside the penalty area, but Lamkel Zee removed it from the goal line, with Al-Hilal having an advantage in the first minutes.

Daddy goal

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Before the 52nd minute, the first goal of Moroccan Wydad was carried by Ayoub Al-Amoud, who followed a cross from a corner kick executed by Yahya Gebran, and Al-Hilal defender dealt with it badly to reach Al-Amoud, who followed it up with a beautiful header that hit the crossbar and entered the net of Al-Mayouf.

The Al-Hilal team took great control of the ball, in an attempt to adjust the score, while the Wydad players completely retreated to the middle of the field, in an attempt to close the spaces in front of the Al-Hilal players, who pressed offensively to adjust.

Al-Nafti, coach of Wydad, made a substitution with the entry of Hisham Bousfiane and the exit of Didier Lamkel-Ze in the 67th minute.

Al-Hilal almost scored the equalizing goal in the 71st minute, after Ighalo faced goalkeeper Ahmed Reda Al-Taknaouti, but the latter pushed her away to reach Al-Hilal player Salem Al-Dosari, who fired it, but the defender was brave and pushed it away from the goal.

Deadly draw

Al-Hilal got a penalty kick in the 89th minute after a handball by Yahya Atiyatallah, as a result of which Muhammad Onajem received a yellow card for objection, and Yahya Gibran was “expelled” after he received the second yellow card as a result of his objection to the referee.

And Mohamed Kno ensured that the penalty kick was successfully implemented in the Technaouti net, scoring the deadly equalizing goal for Al Hilal in the third minute of stoppage time.

Al-Hilal pressed offensively to score the second winning goal, but the defense and goalkeeper of Wydad Al-Teknaouti blocked all his attempts, so the two teams resorted to the extra two halves.

New parcel

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The first extra half began with great excitement, as the referee canceled the yellow card for Gustavo Cuellar and famously issued the second yellow card in the face of his colleague Mohamed Kno, who was sent off in the fourth minute of the half after he recklessly interfered with the Wydad player.

The remaining minutes of the first extra half witnessed an offensive presence from both teams, especially from Al-Hilal, through its star Marija, when he missed a goal after a pass from Saleh Al-Shehri and he was alone in the goal, but he hit with his right next to the left post.

In the second overtime period, Andre Carrillo was injured and replaced by his colleague Musab Al-Juwair 7 minutes before the end of the half.

Calmness dominated the match and the offensive danger from both sides decreased, so the situation remained the same in the remaining minutes, until the two teams resorted to penalty kicks.

In the penalty shootout, Al-Hilal was able to beat its host, Wydad, with a score (5-3), as Mariga, Luciano Vito, Saleh Al-Shehri, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, and Musab Al-Juwair scored for him.

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