Everton drops Arsenal and escapes from the hell of the bottom

Goals: Everton – Arsenal – Played on 02/ 04/2023

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Today, Saturday, Everton regained its winning streak by defeating Arsenal (1-0), in the match that was held at Goodison Park, in the 22nd round of the English Premier League.

James Tarkovsky scored the goal of Everton in the 60th minute of the match.. to freeze the “January” balance at 50 points at the top of the standings table, while the “Toffees” raised its score to 18 points in the 17th place (20th place before the match).

The match started slowly, as the first attempt in the match came in favor of Arsenal, with a ground shot from outside the penalty area through Barty in the 11th minute, which Pickford grabbed.

Everton appeared offensively in the 22nd minute, rising from Tarkovsky to cross from a corner kick, hitting a header that hit Saliba and passed next to the post, followed by Lewin by rising to another cross from a corner kick in the 23rd minute, hitting a header that went over the crossbar.

Lewin returned to try again in the 25th minute, with a ground shot from inside the area that Ramsdale grabbed, after which the goalkeeper missed passing the ball so that Onana would kill it and try to hit a falling ball from outside the area, but it went weak in the hands of the English goalkeeper.

The leader of the league table missed the opportunity to open the scoring in the 30th minute, after Nketiah received a through from Saka inside the area, to hit a powerful ball that went wide of the goal.

Everton threatened the Arsenal goal in the 34th minute, rising from Doucoure to a cross from McNeil, hitting a header that passed next to the post.. while Kawadi saved his team from the first goal in the 40th minute, after Saka crossed into the area, hitting a ball on the bird, which was removed by the Everton defender. off the line.

And in the 45 + 3 minute, Lewin rose to the cross with a header, which passed just past the post, so that the first half ended with a goalless draw.

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At the start of the second half, Mikolenko hit a ball from outside the area in the 57th minute, which went wide of the goal.

Nketiah entered the left side, manipulating Jana and Coleman in the 59th minute, after which he passed the ball to Odegaard inside the area, who hit a direct ball that went over the crossbar.

Everton opened the scoring in the 60th minute, following Tarkovsky’s cross from a corner kick, with a powerful header that hit the net.

Offensive attempts were absent in the next 15 minutes until substitute Trussard appeared with a powerful shot from the left side of the penalty area in the 78th minute, which Pickford saved.

Arsenal then woke up by receiving Saka’s cross into the area from Xhaka in the 79th minute, hitting a powerful ball that went over the crossbar.

Trossard returned to try in the 82nd minute, with a curved shot from the left side of the penalty area, which passed next to the post.

Zinchenko tried to score an equalizer for Arsenal in the 90 + 2 minute, by following up on a ball away from Everton’s defense, hitting the edge of the area with a powerful ball that went over the crossbar, to end the match with the victory of the Toffees (1-0).

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