Algeria! restarts its winning streak against Uganda


Algeria! resumed its winning ways today, Saturday, defeating Uganda 2-0 in the first round of Group F events in the qualifications for the African Nations Cup, which will be hosted in Cote d’Ivoire next year.

Africa cup of nations qualifiers goals

Algeria and Uganda goals


Issa Mandi scored in the 28th minute and Youssef Belaili scored in the 80th minute for the

Algerian national team at the July 5 Stadium in Algiers.

The Algerian squad topped the group rankings after winning its first three points in the

qualifications, while the Ugandan team stayed at the bottom of the standings with no


Algerian influence was evident early in the game, as the Belmadi cubs took advantage of


Uganda’s retreat to the back and launched repeated offensive operations against goalie

The Algerians’ first effort came after Ghazal led a rapid assault and then sent the ball to

Laban Ayada, who passed it to Blaili, but the latter’s header went wide of the post.

Blaili committed a foul and passed the ball to Soleimani, who turned it over with a powerful

header that touched the crossbar before it reached Mandi, who scored.


After a mistake by Ghazal on Okilwa, Uganda was awarded a penalty kick, which was to be

taken by Mia, but goalie Zaghba stopped the ball with amazing precision.

Ghazal, the dangerous winger, got a precise ball from Bin Ayada and sent it to Blaili, who

turned it with scissors on the bird, but the goalie turned it to the corner.

The intensity dropped slightly in the second half, when Bin Nasser received a pass from

Zerrougui and unleashed a cannonball that went a few centimeters wide of the post.

When Blaili broke through the Ugandan defense and hit a ground ball that hit the post and

nestled in the goal, the Algerian national team and coach Belmadi heaved a sigh of relief.


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