Argentina! innovate and win the Finalissima Cup over Italy

Watch the goals of the Argentina-Italy match


Argentina won the South American European Cup “Finalisma” after their deserved victory

over Italy, 3-0, in the match that brought them together today, Wednesday, at Wembley


Lautaro Martinez scored the first goal in the 28th minute, while Angel Di Maria scored the

second goal in the 45+1 minute before Paulo Dybala finished the Tango hat-trick with a goal

in the 90+4 minute.

Argentina started the match strongly, and Lionel Messi got a free kick in front of the penalty

area after he tried to dodge more than one player, to hit the flea directly towards the goal,

but it hit the Italian wall in the sixth minute.

The first chance for Italy came after 12 minutes after Jorginho received the ball to pass it to

Rasbadori, who fired a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Emiliano

Martinez, the Tango goalkeeper, managed to stop it.

Romero saved a real chance for Italy in the 19th minute after Bernardeschi passed from the

right side and penetrated towards the six yards to pass a ground ball to Rasbadori in front

of the net, had it not been for Romero, who pushed the ball away for a corner.

Messi had a chance, after several passes from the Tango dancers, to reach the flea at the

penalty mark, but he hit the ball with his right foot to reach the middle of the goal in the

arms of goalkeeper Donnarumma.

In the 28th minute, Lautaro Martinez deciphered the Italian team’s code by scoring the first

goal of the match after an excellent pass from Messi, who received the ball outside the area

to succeed in evading Di Lorenzo, and passed the ball on a plate to Lautaro in front of the


Barilla almost equalized for the Azzurri after he fired a shot from a distance, but goalkeeper

Martinez was on the lookout for it to take it to a corner.

Di Maria doubled the score for Argentina in the 45 + 1 minute, after a more than wonderful

effort from Lautaro, who destroyed the ball from the middle of the field to penetrate and

pass a magical ball deep into the Italian defense.

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The second half started quietly until a fatal error came from defender Bonucci and

goalkeeper Donnarumma, where Leonardo returned the ball to his advanced goalkeeper,

so the ball passed in front of him on the way to the net, but the Paris Saint-Germain

goalkeeper kept it away from the goal at the last moment.

Substitute Locatelli, who participated at the beginning of the second half, hit a powerful shot in the foot of a tango defender and almost deceived goalkeeper Martinez, but he managed to catch it in the 59th minute.

Argentina! third goal

Argentina’s third goal would have been very close, had it not been for Donnarumma’s brilliance, who saved a real chance to score after a long ball from Otamendi, Di Maria ran from the left to penetrate and launch a wonderful left shot that almost went into a difficult corner, but Donnarumma turned it into a corner.

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Messi took the corner kick in a completely different way, with a cross outside the area to Di Maria, who fired a missile, but Donnarumma pushed it away with a fist with difficulty.

In the 63rd minute, and amid very high pressure from the Argentine players, the ball reached Messi, who went from the right side to pass a cross to find Lo Celso, who hit the net from outside.
After an extraordinary effort, Messi managed to cut the ball from Jorginho in the middle of the field, to penetrate into the penalty area, and launch a rocket-propelled grenade, in which Donnarumma starred and removed it with his fist.

Donnarumma continued his brilliance and denied Messi the chance of a new goal in the 69th minute, after the Argentine flea fired a powerful shot from the border of the area that went up the Azzurri goalkeeper and pushed it away with an excellent block.
Alvarez, the Argentine striker, who participated in the last minutes of the match, tried to surprise goalkeeper Donnarumma, who came from his goal, to hit a ball from the middle of the field, but the Italian goalkeeper managed to stop it.

Dybala scored the third goal for Argentina in the last minute of the match 90 + 4, after his participation in a few seconds, after a ball started by Messi from the middle of the field, who started and tried to shoot the ball, but he collided with the Italian defenders to reach Dybala, who fired a ground shot into the net.

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