Ukraine wins in Scotland and advances to the World Cup


Ukraine triumphed 3-1 in Glasgow in the semi-finals of the play-offs on Wednesday, its first game of the year due to the war on its country. The Ukrainians must win in Wales on Sunday in order to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar (6 p.m.).

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Ukraine has achieved its first win, the country was invaded for three months, propelled by its spirit of warrior resistance, determined to pursue its dream of competing in its second World Cup, despite pacifist pleas. They triumphed convincingly (3-1) on Scottish turf, ensuring her place in the play-offs coming Sunday in Cardiff, Wales.

Since December, the majority of its players had not competed in any competition. This was

not the case on the pitch, when Zbirna had many clear opportunities in the first half.

Before the start of the score, Iarmolenko’s technical pearl is played (0-1, 33rd).

With his left foot, the skipper controlled a deep opportunity from Malinovski before

throwing on the gesture as he approached the Scottish goalie from the edge of the box.

It is the “Ukrainian boss’s” 45th achievement, three units behind the record holder, former

coach Andrei Shevchenko, who was there in the stands.

The players: two goalkeepers who have had opposing results

Scotland did not fully exploit Bouchtchane‘s feverishness, or the visitors’ ease, as they attempted to flip the ball around after leading 2-0. Mc Gregor (57th minute) was the first to score, deflecting a late clearing from the Ukrainian goalkeeper. Neither did McGinn, who failed to take advantage of a slick ball in his hands (67th). Adams was unsuccessful in his attempt to halt the Ukrainian goalkeeper who was the source of his sole meaningful stop on the ground (76th). But, for the umpteenth time, the same Bouchchane failed to intervene. He allowed McGregor to fire an unintentional shot.

Despite a heroic tackle, Stepanenko was unable to save the ball before it crossed the line, as the Goal Line Assistant confirmed (1-2, 79th). For Scotland, this is an aim of hope. It’s a little late. The British team, stuck in their mediocrity, played for an hour. Only a few of its components have shown to be up to the task. Only his goalie Gordon kept the game interesting by making numerous crucial saves, particularly in the opening stanza (8th, 17th, 20th).


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