Barcelona passes Inter City hard to reach the final price of the King’s Cup

Viedo goals: CF Intercity – Barcelona -Played on 01/04/ 2023

Barcelona achieved a victory (4-3) during the confrontation with Inter City, this evening, Wednesday, in the 32nd round of the King’s Cup of Spain.

The Barcelona quartet scored Ronald Araujo, Osman Dembele, Rafinha, and Ansu Fati in the minutes (4, 66, 77, and 104), while Oriol Soldevilla scored the three “hat-trick” goals of Inter City in the 59th, 74th and 86th minutes.

early target

The match began with early pressure from Barcelona players, which resulted in the goal of progress in the fourth minute, from a corner kick that Pablo Toure executed inside the penalty area towards Ronaldo Araujo, who headed it into the net.

The pressure continued with an attempt by Osman Dembele to shoot at the edge of the penalty area, but the ball passed over the horizontal bar of Inter City’s goal in the 8th minute.

Memphis Depay crossed the ball towards Casey, who shot very awkwardly in the 13th minute.

Araujo, Barcelona defender and scorer of the lead, shone in denying Inter City the equalizer in the 17th minute, as a shot by Aaron, the opponent’s player, deflected off the goal line.

mutual attacks

Memphis Depay almost added Barcelona’s second goal in the 27th minute, as he received a pass from Jordi Alba and hit a ball that touched Belotti, the Inter City player, to hit the horizontal bar.

Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo headed a ball inside the penalty area, which passed over Inter City’s goal in the 36th minute.

The first half ended with Barcelona advancing 1-0.

At the start of the second half, Osman Dembley had a dangerous opportunity in the 50th minute, and he hit a ball that was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Inter City Surprise

Oriol Soldevilla managed to score the equalizing goal for Inter City in the 59th minute, from a corner kick that reached his colleague Soriano, who passed it to him in the area, and with a touch that put it in the net of goalkeeper Iñaki Peña.

The response came quickly from Barcelona through Osman Dembele, who added the second goal for Barca in the 66th minute, who received a pass from Javi to separate the goalkeeper and hit a ball over him.

Oriol Soldevilla returned to score the second goal and a draw for Inter City in the 74th minute, taking advantage of a cross from the left side through his colleague Romero and heading it into the net with a header.

Rafinha put Barcelona ahead again with the third goal in the 77th minute, when he received a cross from Jordi Alba inside the area and easily put it into the net.

Soldier shines

Oriol Soldevilla, the Inter City player, scored the equalizer for his team and his personal hat-trick in the match in the 86th minute, when he received a through ball from his colleague Herrera and hit the bottom left of goalkeeper Peña.

The original time ended with a 3-3 tie, so the extra innings were resorted to.

In the first extra half, Ansu Fati scored Barcelona’s fourth goal in the 103rd minute, receiving a pass from Rafinha and hitting a powerful ball to the right of the goalkeeper.

Barcelona maintained its lead in the result until the final whistle, to settle its passage to the final price round.

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