Milan snatch an exciting victory over Salernitana


Viedo goals :Salernitana – AC Milan -Played on 01/04/ 2023

Milan snatched a difficult victory against its host Salerentana, with a score (2-1), today, Wednesday, at Ariki Stadium, in the 16th week of the Italian League.

Rafael Leao (10) and Sandro Tonali (15) scored Milan’s goals, while Federico Bonazoli (83) scored Salerentana’s goal.

With this victory, Milan raised its score to 36 points in second place, while Salerentana’s balance stuck at 17 points in 12th place.

Salerentana’s start was strong after Piatek got the ball after Bennacer lost it, so the striker received the ball and fired a low shot that passed near the post.

In the sixth minute, defender Tomori intercepted Pauli Dia, striker Salerentana, to pass it to Liao, who launched a quick counterattack and passed two defenders to fire a shot that was blocked by goalkeeper Ochoa.

And through Liao, Milan advanced the first goal in the match after a long ball from Tonali, after which the Portuguese were alone, so the goalkeeper got out of his goal outside the area, and Liao passed from him and hit a ball into the net.

In the 15th minute, Tonali managed to double the score for the Rossoneri, after an attack that started from Liao and was wrongly dispersed by the defense to reach Tonali, who hit the ball and hit the defense to bounce back to Diaz, who prepared it for Tonali again, so that the midfield of Milan fired a creeping ground shot that settled to the right of the goalkeeper Ochoa.

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Salernitana came close to reducing the score in the 23rd minute, after Dia penetrated into the area on the right side, to fire a missile from within six yards, but defender Tomori shone and intercepted the ball to push it to a corner.

Among a wonderful sentence by the feet of the Milan players in the 28th minute, Liao passed a ball inside the area to Giroud, who touched it with the heel and passed it to Diaz, who fired a shot that would have been on its way to the net had it not been for the defender’s objection, to bounce back to Diaz again and fire a creeping ground shot that passed next to the right post of goalkeeper Ochoa.

Within two minutes, Milan missed two chances, and in the 32nd minute, from a long ball from Ben Nasser, Liao received the ball inside the area, to pass it with the heel to the one coming from behind Giro, to hit a ball which Ochoa starred and brilliantly removed it from his goal.

Seconds later, the Rossoneri continued to hit Salerentana’s defense with long balls deep in the defense, to reach Theo Hernandez, single the goal and fire a shot towards the net, but Ochoa shone and pushed it away again.


At the beginning of the second half, Salerentana striker Piatek got a ball deep in the Milan defense and almost scored the goal had it not been for the brilliance of Tomori, who made a decisive intervention to clear the ball in front of him before he shot it at the goal, and Piatek fell inside the area, calling for a penalty kick, but the referee indicated the completion of the game.

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In the 58th minute, Milan scored the third goal in the match via Diaz, after a free kick that was fixed from the left side into the area, so that the defense failed to disperse it and reached Tomori in front of the goal, and he hit a ball that Diaz touched and hit the net.

However, the referee canceled the goal after returning to video technology, due to the presence of a case of offside on the Spanish star, so the result returned to two clean goals for Milan.

Bonazoli got a cross pass from the right from Boulay Dia, but the striker failed to take advantage of the opportunity and fired a strange shot that went wide of the goal.

And in the 74th minute, Salerentana player Paradaric got the red card after a strong tackle on the foot of defender Kalulu, before the referee returned to video technology and canceled the decision.

Sambia missed the opportunity to reduce the score in the 79th minute, after he got a ball on the right side of the penalty area, to fire a powerful shot higher than the goal.

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In the 83rd minute, Salerentana managed to score the first goal after an excellent cross from the right from Coulibaly, which was met by Bonazoli, who was completely free of control, with a perfect shot into the net, to score the goal of reducing the owners of the land.

Dest, the right back of Milan, almost scored a third goal for his team, after a cross from Liao, to find himself alone in front of the goal, to hit a ball with the heel and Ochoa blocked it in the 89th minute.

Ochoa shone and prevented a goal scored by Milan in the 90 + 8 minute, after a counterattack that reached Yao and then to De Kitelar, who fired a missile shot with his left foot, which Salerentana’s goalkeeper shone and turned it into a corner, after which the match ended with Milan winning 2-1.


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