Barcelona refuses the gift of Real Madrid tied with Girona

summary of the match:Barcelona – Girona – Played on 04/10/2023

Barcelona and Girona Play to Goalless Draw in La Liga Match

Barcelona and Girona faced off in a La Liga match on Monday evening at the Blaugrana stronghold, “Spotify Camp Nou.” Despite Barcelona’s efforts, the match ended in a goalless draw.

Barcelona Maintains Top Spot in La Liga Table

The draw helped Barcelona maintain its top position in the La Liga table, with 72 points. Girona, on the other hand, remains in eleventh place with 35 points.

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Real Madrid Loses to Villarreal, Widening the Point Gap

Real Madrid’s loss to Villarreal widened the point gap between them and Barcelona to 13 points, making Barcelona’s chances of winning the title stronger.

Game Highlights

The match started with Barcelona under pressure, with Fati passing a ball towards Lewandowski inside the area, but the Pole hit the top of the horizontal bar of Girona’s goal in the 4th minute. Fati hit a curved ball on the edge of the penalty area, which passed by the left post of Girona goalkeeper Gazzaniga in the 5th minute.

Barcelona almost took the lead in the 9th minute, with a fatal mistake by Girona defender Santiago Bueno, but the goalkeeper managed to scatter the ball off the goal line. Girona’s Martin kicked off and hit a powerful ball from outside the area, which passed by the left post in the 19th minute.

Missed Opportunities for Both Teams

Girona’s Rodrigo Riquelme kicked off and hit a ball that hit Araujo’s foot before hitting the outer net of Ter Stegen’s goal in the 72nd minute. No dangerous attempts appeared from either team in the last minutes, except for a weak shot from Jordi Alba, which was caught by the Girona goalkeeper.

From a corner kick for Barcelona in the 94th minute, the ball reached Javi, who rose and hit a header that the Girona goalkeeper excelled in turning into the corner again.

In conclusion, Barcelona lost two points in its campaign toward the title and missed the opportunity to widen the difference with Real Madrid to 15 points.

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