Barcelona!! wins their match against Real Sociedad

Barcelona!! secures a 1-0 victory!

And with that, the full-time whistle blows! Barcelona took the lead early on thanks to Aubameyang’s goal, and they held on for the win, turning up one of their greatest defensive performances of the season. This is a crucial three points for the Catalans.


And with that, the full-time whistle blows! Barcelona took the lead early on thanks to
Aubameyang’s goal, and they held on for the win, turning up one of their greatest defensive performances of the season. This is a crucial three points for the Catalans.

On the first weekend of the season, Real Sociedad and Barcelona clashed at the Camp Nou, with the Blaugrana winning 4-2. They’ll meet again at the Reale Arena now. Despite what appeared to be a ‘Anoeta curse’ over Barcelona for many years, they did win 6-1 in this match last season when they visited San Sebastian.

Barcelona!! vs Real Sociedad: Goals and Highlights

Barcelona manages to score despite Ousmane Dembele hitting the post when wide open inside the box. Gavi hustles to collect the ball and then passes it to Ferran Torres, who centers it for Aubameyang. The score is 1-0.
Minute 15: Barcelona pushes for a higher position.
After Real Sociedad did the majority of the pushing early in the game, Barcelona is now dealing with it better and pressuring their opponents when they can.

Minute twenty-one
It’s a tense fight.

Certainly, this Real Sociedad vs Barcelona match has a lot of stoppages, with both teams going all out on every challenge. There are a lot of fouls and bruises as a result of this.
Real Sociedad appear to be in disarray in minute 27.
Alex Remiro, the goalkeeper, holds the ball and takes his time to consider his options, sweeping the entire field and noticing Barcelona shirts everywhere. He tries a long ball, but it flies all the way to Barcelona’s deepest player and never reaches a La Real player. Real Sociedad’s troubles are summed up in that phrase.

Barcelona!! vs Real SOciedad: 29th minute

De Jong makes yet another attempt.
Frenkie de Jong has another attempt, this time from the outskirts of the field. He was seeking for a pass when the shooting opportunity presented itself, and he took a shot that went just wide.
Sorloth makes a bad pass in minute 32.
Real Sociedad win the ball deep in Barcelona’s half and start a counterattack, but Alexander Sorloth makes a blunder and allows the visitors to escape.
Real Sociedad eventually put Marc-Andre ter Stegen to the test in the 34th minute,

when Alexander Sorloth scored a header from a set piece. The German, on the other hand, has no trouble catching it.

Ferran Torres curls one at minute 38.

That was dangerously near! Ferran Torres has the ball in the penalty area and appears to be about to play a through pass, but instead curls a shot that isn’t far off.
Aubameyang looks for a second Barcelona attack in minute 39, and this time he receives a ball in stride, sending off a ferocious shot that whistles just past the far post.
43rd minute
Isak had a chance to tie things up before the interval.
Alexander Isak gets a fantastic chance to equalize for Real Sociedad before the break

after superb work from Sorloth. However, his one-on-one opportunity is blown wide open. He recognizes that he could have done better.

Barcelona leads at halftime.
That was an unusual first half, to say the least. Barcelona leads 1-0 after 45 minutes thanks to Aubameyang’s goal, although Real Sociedad should and could have equalized shortly before the break thanks to Alexander Isak’s strike. We’ll find out what happens in the second half soon enough.

Half Time

Sorloth now wastes a great opportunity at minute 47.
Alexander Sorloth blows another wonderful opportunity over the bar, failing to connect correctly at the far post, after Alexander Isak squandered a good chance to end the first half.
Play was halted at minute 49 due to an object being thrown.
Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande stops play for a moment when an object is thrown towards Gerard Pique. Last night’s game between Osasuna and Real Madrid featured a similar incident.
Minute 55: Araujo is unable to continue, and Eric Garcia is brought in.
We assumed Pique would need to go due to a physical issue, but Ronald Araujo has been forced to leave due to a more serious injury, and Eric Garcia has taken his place.

Ter Stegen deflects Sorloth’s attempt in the 58th minute.
Ter Stegen makes a wonderful stop with his leg to divert a shot around the post, so Sorloth is still not on the scoresheet. Barcelona still leads 1-0, but La Real is putting up a fight.
Barcelona keeps the ship afloat in minute 65.

After a flurry of Real Sociedad attempts that had the home side nearly camped out in the Barcelona penalty area, Xavi’s team has managed to calm the ship and enjoy some possession of their own.
68th minute
Real Sociedad came close to scoring when an Adnan Januzaj cross almost went all the way in. Nobody else gets a chance to touch the ball, so Ter Stegen has to, and he does

73rd minute

Gavi has a fantastic opportunity.
Barcelona hasn’t generated much in the second half, but Gavi has a chance to score. Ferran Torres squares it to the kid, but he can’t make a good connection, and it flies wide.
76th minute
Ferran Torres is looking for a penalty.
When Ferran Torres tries to break into the box, he runs down a Real Sociedad alleyway and tackled by two defenders. He demands a penalty, as do some of his Barcelona teammates, but none awarded.

79th minute

Ter Stegen makes a simple save.
Real Sociedad have a corner, and the crowd erupts in applause, but Joseba Zaldua’s long-range attempt at the breakdown
and Ter Stegen easily collected it.


83rd minute
Barcelona has a good chance.
It’s some route one football, but Ter Stegen plays it long to substitute Luuk de Jong, and it almost works for Barcelona. However, his errant pass is intercepted by Ferran Torres, who is offside.

88th minute
Real Sociedad is on the verge of being relegated.
Real Sociedad hasn’t played with much urgency in the last ten minutes, and they’re still trailing. However, because there have been so many interruptions in play, there should be a lot of stoppage time.

90th minute
We have ten minutes of downtime!
We just mentioned we expected a lot of downtime, and we still have a whole 10 minutes to go. Because there were so many stoppages, the referee is now making up for them.

Barcelona wins a corner in minute 95

Real Sociedad is the main aggressor, despite Barcelona’s strong defense. However, following brilliant play by Ousmane Dembele and Luuk de Jong, the Catalans go up the other end and win a corner.

98th minute

Cross after cross is defended by Barcelona.
Real Sociedad is pounding the ball towards the Barcelona penalty area, but the hosts have held up admirably thus far. Both starting centre-backs have had to be replaced, but reserves Eric Garcia and Clement Lenglet are getting their heads on each ball.

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