Bayern Munich breaks the 2023 jinx with a wide victory over Wolfsburg

Goals: Wolfsburg – Bayern Munich – Played on 02/05/ 2023

Bayern Munich achieved its first victory in the German League since the beginning of 2023, after defeating Wolfsburg in its stronghold (4-2), today, Sunday, in the 19th-round competition.

Kingsley Coman scored the first two goals for the guests (s 9 and 14), before Thomas Mueller and Jamal Musiala added two goals (s 19 and 73), while Jacob Kaminsky and Matthias Svanberg scored a double for Wolfsburg (s 44 and 80).

The victory brought Bayern back to the top of the Bundesliga again, by reaching the 40th point, while Wolfsburg remained in seventh place with 29 points.

Each team tried to threaten the other’s goal at the start of the match, but the first attempt from both sides did not reach the stage of danger.

And before 10 minutes had passed, Koeman sent an accidental ball into the penalty area, Mueller tried to direct it to the goal, but he failed to do so so it passed into the net without touching anyone.

Wolfsburg almost equalized the score a few minutes later with a cross toward Ottavio, but the latter hit the ball outside the field.

And Koeman returned to shaking the net of the landlords again with a wonderful goal after he met a perfect cross from Cancelo with a direct shot at the bird.

As soon as Wolfsburg got over the shock of the two goals, Mueller surprised him with a third goal, after he rose to Kimmich’s cross from the left, to put his head into the net.

The host team wasted the opportunity to reduce the score strangely after a ball reached Ottavio inside the penalty area before he hit a stray ball, which reached Wind near the goal, but he strangely directed him away from Jan Sumer’s den.

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Being late by three prompted Wolfsburg coach Niko Kovac to make an early substitution by withdrawing Maxence Lacroix in the 30th minute, and pushing Jacob Kaminsky instead, hoping to correct things.

The Swiss goalkeeper stood in front of a powerful shot by Svanberg at the edge of the penalty area, to deflect it brilliantly from his own goal.

Musiala could have easily added the fourth goal, but he exaggerated keeping the ball close to the goal before passing to Koeman, who fired a shot wide of the goal.

Kaminsky rewarded his coach for bringing him on as an early substitute, after he reduced the score for the hosts with a goal from a ground shot, which Sumir was unable to stop, before the end of the first half (3-1) in favor of the guests.

A few minutes after the start of the second half, Weimer missed the chance of a very strange goal, after a cross ball reached him near the goal, but he toppled it high.

Bayern suffered a painful blow in the 54th minute after Kekmich received a second warning, which necessitated his expulsion after obstructing one of the players.

Sumer again prevented Wolfsburg from scoring a new goal by blocking a header from Baku.

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And while Wolfsburg searched for another goal that would bring him closer to the result, Musiala shot them with a wonderful goal, after manipulating the defense of the landlords, before hitting the ball into the net.

Despite this, Wolfsburg did not raise the flag of surrender and succeeded in adding a second goal from a missile shot by Svanberg from inside the penalty area.

Only 6 minutes before the end of the normal time, Wolfsburg ignited the match with a third goal through substitute Gerhart, but the referee canceled it due to the presence of a violation on one of its players by obstructing Goritska inside the penalty area.

After using video technology, the referee confirmed his decision and refused to count the goal in the end.

Sumer defended his goal valiantly after he prevented a new goal for the landowners by blocking a shot that changed its course on the road, turning it into a corner, which contributed to Bayern maintaining its progress until the end.

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