Tottenham drops City and prevents him from chasing Arsenal

Goals: Tottenham Hotspur – Manchester City – Played on 02/05/2023

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Manchester City fell to its host, Tottenham Hotspur (1-0), this evening, Sunday, at the summit of round No. 22 of the English Premier League.

He scored Tottenham’s only goal: Harry Kane in the 15th minute, thus refusing Manchester City’s gift from leaders Arsenal, who lost yesterday to Everton.

With this result, Spurs raised their score to 39 points in fifth place, while City froze at 45 points in second place, 5 points behind leaders Arsenal, who played one less game.

The hosts scored the only goal of the match, in the 15th minute, after a mistake by Rodrigo in passing the ball, so Hoiberg killed it and passed it to Kane inside the penalty area so that the English international fired into the net.

City responded in the 18th minute with a deep penetration from Silva, hitting a ground ball from the edge of the penalty are a, which Lloris caught.

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Manchester City returned to try again in the 40th minute, with a shot by Rodrigo that was saved by the Spurs goalkeeper.

The guests almost scored the equalizer, in the first minute of stoppage time, with a powerful shot from Mahrez that hit the crossbar.

Spurs tried to kill the game early in the second half by adding another goal, as Davies went up to a corner kick in the 56th minute, hitting his head above the crossbar.

City missed a definitive opportunity to score, after De Bruyne executed a deceptive foul in the 64th minute, sending a cross to Alvarez, who was free of control, and hit a powerful ball that Dyer pushed away on its way to the goal.

It was De Bruyne’s turn after that, as he fired a ball from the borders of the operations area, in the 65th minute, but it passed next to the post.

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Spurs returned to the threat in the 69th minute, with a shot from Kane that went wide of the goal.

Immediately after that, Kane received a pass from Son inside the penalty area, to manipulate Akanji and Winfred Ederson, hitting a ball, which the Brazilian goalkeeper shone in tackling it.

And from a quick counterattack in the 77th minute, Son launched from near the center of the field, until he reached the borders of the penalty area, before hitting a powerful ball that Ederson shone in tackling it.

The match referee famously issued the second yellow card in the face of Romero, the Tottenham defender, after his violent intervention on Grealish in the 87th minute, to be expelled from the match that ended with his team’s victory (1-0).

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