Brighton destroys the Liverpool battalion with a cruel triple

Goals video: Brighton – Liverpool – Played on 01/14/ 2023

Liverpool continued its disappointing results for its fans by losing away from home at the hands of Brighton, 3-0, today, Saturday, in the 20th round of the English Premier League.

Brighton’s hat-trick came with the signature of Solly Marsh’s “double” in the 47th and 53rd minutes before Danny Welbeck scored a third goal in the 81st minute.

The victory gave Brighton the opportunity to overtake Liverpool in the standings table towards a seventh place by reaching the 30th point, while the Reds’ balance froze at 28 points, dropping to eighth place.

The first minutes witnessed clear control from Brighton, who tried to reach Alisson Becker’s goal in various ways, but he did not succeed in posing a real threat.

The defenders of the two teams played a heroic role in reducing the danger of the attackers on both goals until the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah almost fired a ball over the crossbar.

And there was an opportunity for a goal for Brighton after Marsh received a through the pass, to penetrate the penalty area before dodging Alisson, who collided with him and caused Sully to fall to the ground so that the referee awarded a penalty kick.

The referee then received a notification from the “var” room stating that Marsh was offside the moment the ball was passed to him, which prompted him to cancel his decision and count offside, so the first half ended with a goalless draw.

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The start of the second half came hot after Matip made a huge mistake with a pass that did not reach one of his teammates, but was extracted by one of the Brighton players and turned into a counterattack, ending it with a cross pass towards Marsh, who ensured that it was placed in the net easily.

No sooner had Liverpool woken up from the first goal than Marsh returned to deepen his wounds with a powerful left shot from the heart of the penalty area, which settled in the far left corner of Alisson’s goal.

A ball reached Mitoma on the left front, to launch it and approach the Reds penalty area, before firing a shot that settled easily in the arms of Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson.

Alexander Arnold sent an elaborate cross towards the Brighton penalty area, to reach Jakobo, who almost put it in the net had it not been for the ingenuity of goalkeeper Robert Sanchez, who valiantly pushed the ball away.

And 9 minutes before the end of the regular time, substitute Welbeck manipulated Joe Gomez inside the penalty area before he put a ball on the bird into the net, reinforcing the progress of the hosts.

Welbeck was close to adding a fourth goal to his team after he received a pass inside the penalty area, before turning around with his body and hitting a creeping floor with his left, but Alisson was on the lookout.

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