Manchester United overturned their deficit with a 2-1 victory

Goals video: Manchester United – Manchester City – Played on 01/14/2023

Manchester United overturned, falling behind with a goal to win 2-1 at home to Manchester City, today, Saturday, at Old Trafford, in the 20th round of the English Premier League.

Man United scored the double, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford in the 78th and 82nd minutes.

Manchester City’s goal was scored by Jack Grealish in the 60th minute.

Manchester United raised its score to 38 points in third place, while Man City’s balance froze at 39 points in the runner-up.

United posed the first danger, by receiving Fernandez, a through ball on the right side of the penalty area from Eriksen, and he hit a ground ball that passed near the post.

Man City appeared in the 24th minute, with a powerful shot from Haaland from inside the penalty area, which collided with the opponent’s defense.

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United missed a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 34th minute, through Rashford’s complete solitude, through which he succeeded in dodging Ederson and hit a ground ball from inside the area, which was removed by Akanji.

And Rashford continued to be disturbed with a quick start on the left side in the 37th minute, through which Rodrigo skipped and reached the penalty area, and hit a ground ball that Ederson caught.

And Man City reappeared in the first minute of stoppage time, with a missile shot from Walker from outside the penalty area, which passed next to the post, to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Manchester City succeeded in opening the scoring in the 60th minute, after De Bruyne penetrated into the right side of the penalty area, and sent a cross that Grealish followed with a header that hit the net, 3 minutes after he came on as a substitute at Foden’s account.

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Manchester United tried to return as a result of the match, with a shot from Wan Bissaka from outside the area in the 67th minute, which hit Aki and went out to a corner.

With United’s level declining in the second half, Ten Hag sought to revitalize the offensive side by pushing Garnacho at Eriksen’s expense in the 72nd minute, after he pushed Anthony instead of Martial between the two halves.

Manchester United scored the equalizing goal in the 78th minute after Casemiro sent a through ball to Rashford, who was in an offside position, leaving the ball to Fernandez, who fired from the edge of the area a ball that hit the net.

And United soon added the second goal in the 82nd minute, after Garnacho sent a cross from the left side, which Rashford, free of control, followed into the penalty area, to hit a direct ball that hit the net.

And Man City returned to form the danger again in the 87th minute, with Haaland rising to a cross, hitting a header that went over the crossbar, to end the match with Manchester United’s victory.

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