By train, Mbappe… Paris run over a sixth-division team in the French Cup

Paris Saint-Germain swept away its host, pays de Cassel, with seven unanswered goals, on Monday evening, to qualify with minimal effort for the round of 16 in the French Cup.

The goals of the match were scored by Kylian Mbappe (five), Neymar Jr., and Carlos Soler in the 29th, 33rd, 35th, 40th, 56th, 64th, and 79th minutes to qualify PSG to face Olympique de Marseille in the Clasico France.

De Castel, one of the sixth-division clubs, dared the Parisian giants, and its players were distinguished by their ferocity and pressure in cutting balls only, but without posing any danger to the goal of Keylor Navas.

Mbappe scored a goal after 10 minutes, but the referee did not count it as offside, after which PSG gave his opponent the opportunity to control the course of the match.

However, the submerged team did not last more than half an hour, as Mbappe scored again with the first goal, taking advantage of a cross from Nuno Mendes.

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De Castell’s players completely collapsed after this goal and conceded 3 more goals in 10 minutes, started by Neymar Jr. after exchanging the ball with Mbappe, who scored the third and fourth goals after perfect passes from Danilo Pereira and Vitenia.

Saint-Germain wasted several other attempts in front of his opponent’s goal through Vitinia, Hugo Iketiki, and Neymar, as reaching the homeowners’ goal was a bed of roses.

The Parisian offensive tide did not stop in the second half, as Juan Bernat took the place of Nuno Mendes, and Mbappe added his fourth goal after a long pass from Sergio Ramos.

After a quarter of an hour of the second half, Christophe Galtier began to take advantage of the match to prepare the largest number of players, as the duo Fabian Ruiz and Ashraf Hakimi replaced Renato Sanchez and Timotee Pembili.

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Goalkeeper Roman Samson saved a new attempt from Fabian Ruiz before Neymar Jr. dodged him and passed the ball to his teammate Soler, to score the sixth goal with the heel.

As for Keylor Navas, he remained as a guest of honor until the 69th minute, when he caught the ball for the first time after a very easy shot, after which the young duo Bichabu and Ismail Al-Gharbi participated in the place of Sergio Ramos and Ikitiki.

The Parisian attack continued, as Vitenia, Fabian Ruiz and Neymar almost scored the eighth goal, while Mbappe scored the net, but the referee canceled the goal for offside, before blowing the final whistle.

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