City! defeat Wolverhampton and overtake for first place


In the eighth round of the English Premier League, Manchester City! handily overcame its host Wolverhampton by three goals today, Saturday, at Molyneux Stadium.


The three goals for Manchester City came from: Jack Grealish (1 minute), Erling Haaland

(16 minutes), and Phil Foden (69 minutes).

With this outcome, Manchester City momentarily took the lead of the table after increasing

its score to 17 points. Wolverhampton’s score remained at 6 points, which put it in 16th


De Bruyne fired a cross from the right side, and Grealish followed with a straight effort that

found the back of the net to give Manchester City the lead in the opening minute.

The second goal quickly added by Manchester City, in the 16th minute,

after Halland broke through from deep and struck a ground ball from the edge of the

penalty area that hugged the net of goalkeeper Sa.

In the 26th minute, Neves committed a foul on the edge of the penalty box for the Wolves,

and his direct shot went over the crossbar.

Meanwhile, The problems for Wolverhampton grew in the 33rd minute after defender Collins was dismissed for physically interfering with Grealish.


following In the 39th minute, Bodensee launched a strong ground shot for Wolverhampton that missed the post by inches.

City! vs Wolves: Second half

With the start of the second half, both sides’ contributions to the game’s intensity diminished.

while Cancelo’s attempt from outside the penalty area in the 62nd minute, which missed the net, represented the first attacking danger.

With rapid passes from Haaland to De Bruyne, who then sent a cross from the right side, and Foden finishing with a direct shot into the goal, identical to the first goal, City were able to add a third goal in the 69th minute.

After a little calm, replacement Alvarez attempted to add his name to the list of City’s goal scorers in the 84th minute, but his weak ground shot was easily saved by goalkeeper Sa, completing the game with a 3-0 victory for the visitors.


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