Lewandowski! drives Barcelona to a win

In the sixth round of the La Liga, Barcelona defeated Elche 3-0 this evening at the “Spotify Camp Nou,” extending its winning streak.
Lewandowski scored Barcelona’s goals in the 34th and 48th minutes as well as Memphis Depay in the 41st.

FC Barcelona – Elche Played on 09/17/2022

With this victory, Barcelona momentarily overtook Elche in last position in the La Liga rankings,

moving up to the top with 16 points.

Pressure from Barcelona
Barcelona exerted early pressure and control of the game, and Verdo violently intervened

when Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski received the ball deep in the Elche defense and

was headed for the goal alone.

In the 14th minute of the game, Verdo received a red card from the referee, which put his

team in serious difficulties.
In the 17th minute, Memphis Debye found himself alone with goalkeeper Edgar Badia.

He attempted to dribble him, but Badia scattered the ball toward the corner.

In the 19th minute, Ousmane Dembele of France entered the penalty area and fired a hard

ball that made contact with the outside of Elche’s goal.

In the 23rd minute, Barcelona striker Memphis Depay launched a powerful drive that Elche

goalkeeper Padilla brilliantly deflected into the corner.

Bite of Lewandowski

However, In the 34th minute, Robert Lewandowski put the ball in the back of the net for Barcelona

after receiving a cross into the penalty area from teammate Alejandro Baldi.

In the 41st minute, Memphis Depay scored Barcelona’s second goal after receiving a pass

from Alejandro Balde and eluding the defense before firing a rocket past goalkeeper Padilla.

Meanwhile, The Catalans kept up the pressure, and Pedri scored in the 44th minute after Ousmane Dembele passed the ball inside the penalty area to Lewandowski, who then shot. However, goalkeeper Padia blocked the shot, causing the ball to rebound in front of Pedri and into the goal, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

Lewandowski succeeded in adding the third goal

After receiving a pass from Memphis Depay inside the penalty area, Lewandowski successfully added a third goal for Barcelona in the 48th minute by shooting straight at goalkeeper Padia.
With a powerful drive from within the box in the 62nd minute, Lewandowski came dangerously close to completing a hat-trick for himself. However, goalkeeper Padia shone and stopped the ball with his right foot.
In the 67th minute, Rafinha attempted to score with a shot from outside the penalty area that went over the crossbar of Badia’s net.
In minute 75, Pedri launched a lob deep into the Elche penalty area. It was intercepted by Lafti, who crossed to the right and passed it to Rafinha, who was unable to catch it and put it outside the goal.

In the 80th minute, Barcelona defender Araujo attempted to put Elche in danger with a double shot inside the penalty area, but it missed the right post.

Barcelona continued to have total control of the action, and Elche made no attempts to challenge Barcelona’s easy three-point victory.

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