City defeats Liverpool and qualifies for the quarter-finals of the League Cup

video goals: Manchester CityScore – Liverpool -Played on 12/22/ 2022

Manchester City qualified for the quarter-finals of the English Professional League Cup, through its exciting victory over its guest Liverpool (3-2), today, Thursday, in the round of 16, at the Etihad Stadium.

The first half ended in a draw, as the Norwegian Erling Haaland advanced with a goal for City in the 10th minute, then Fabio Carvalho equalized for Liverpool in the 20th minute.

In the second half, Algerian Riyad Mahrez added the second goal for City in the 47th minute, and one minute later, Mohamed Salah equalized for Liverpool.

However, Dutchman Nathan Ake ensured that he scored the winning goal in the 58th minute, to complete Manchester City’s contract for the quarter-finalists of the English Professional League Cup.

City started the match strongly, with Halland receiving a penalty in the first minute to separate the Liverpool goalkeeper, and hit a falling ball from outside the area, which went wide of the goal.

City wasted a real opportunity, after kicking off Halland, to pass the ball to Palmer, who was completely unmarked, to shoot a direct ball that strangely went wide of the goal.

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City translated its control by opening the scoring in the 10th minute, after Haaland followed a cross from De Bruyne inside the area, hitting the bird that hit the net.

Liverpool succeeded in adjusting the score in the 20th minute, after Milner passed a magic ball to Carvalho inside the area, to hit the ball directly into the net.

De Bruyne launched on the right side, sending a cross to Gundogan, completely free of control, to hit a ground ball that Kelleher shone in addressing.

Liverpool searched for the second goal, with a distinctive through pass from Matip, which Nunez received on the right side of the area, hitting a ball that passed next to the post.

Nunez missed an opportunity to score the second goal, following up on a cross inside the area, hitting the bird, which passed next to the post, to end the first half (1-1).

City started the second half strongly, adding the second goal in the 47th minute, after Mahrez received a through from Rodrigo, hitting a distinctive curved ball that hit the net.

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Liverpool’s response was not delayed by scoring a draw in the 48th minute, with a quick start from Nunez, passing the ball to Mohamed Salah, who fired a direct ball into the net.

Manchester City managed to add the third goal in the 58th minute, after Aki went up to a cross from De Bruyne, hitting a distinctive header that hit the net.

Liverpool tried to score again in the 65th minute, with a shot from Robertson from the left side of the penalty area, which went wide of the goal.

And Nunez continued to waste opportunities, after receiving a through ball, to launch on the right side and reach the penalty area, after which he hit a ground ball that passed near the post.

De Bruyne hit it, but Fabinho pushed it off the line, paving the way for Foden, who fired another shot, Kelleher shone in saving it, and the match ended with City winning (3-2).

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