Costa Rica stabs Japan in killing and changing the calculations of Germany

Japan – Costa Rica – Played on 11/27/ 2022

The Costa Rica national team surprised its Japanese counterpart, defeating it 1-0, during the match that brought them together today, Sunday, at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, in the second round of Group E competitions in the FIFA World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.

Costa Rica owes credit for this victory to Kesher Fuller, who scored the only goal of the match in the 81st minute.

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Costa Rica scored its first three points in the current edition of the tournament, and Japan stopped at three points.

The Japanese national team started its tournament by defeating the German national team 2/1, while the Costa Rican national team lost its first match against Spain 0/7.

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The Japanese national team will meet its Spanish counterpart next Thursday in the last round, while the Costa Rican national team will play its German counterpart at the same time.

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