Cristiano Ronaldo’s double leads Portugal to sweep Switzerland


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Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo led his country to a wide victory at the expense of Switzerland, by four goals, in the match that brought the two teams together today, Sunday, in the second round of the group stage of the European Nations League.

The Portuguese national team’s quartet was scored by William Carvalho (15), Cristiano Ronaldo (35 and 40), and Joao Cancelo (68).

With this victory, the Portuguese team raised its score to 4 points at the top of Group Two, while the Swiss team remained in the fourth and last place without points.

The start came early from the guests, as Seferovic managed to score the first goal in the eighth minute of the start of the match, after a corner by Shaqiri, but after returning to the video technology, the referee canceled the goal because of a handball on the Swiss striker.

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The Portuguese team managed to score the goal of the first meeting after 15 minutes, after a free-kick by Ronaldo from outside the area directly towards the goal, to be tackled by goalkeeper Copil and rebound, followed by Carvalho with a shot in the net.

Shaqiri had the opportunity in the 30th minute after the ball reached him from the right side in front of the penalty area, so the Swiss fired a powerful shot from a distance, but Portugal goalkeeper Patricio had a lookout for it.

Ottavio was on the cusp of doubling the result for Portugal, after a quick counter-attack by Diego Jota to pass it inside the area to Cristiano, who prepared the ball for Ottavio to shoot it next to the post.

Ronaldo doubled the score in the 35th minute, after a quick rebound that reached Jota inside the area to spin wonderfully and pass the ball to the next from behind Ronaldo, who fired a missile into the Swiss team’s net.

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Jota wasted an open goal after Ronaldo’s goal, after a long ball deep in the defense in which four players from Portugal went against a player, so Jota preferred to shoot the ball instead of passing it to Ronaldo to pass to a corner.

In the corner that was executed inside the area, defender Pepe met it with an excellent and perfect header that hit the right post of the Swiss goal, to bounce back to Ronaldo, who passed it to Pepe again, and the latter shot it powerfully in the middle of the goal, but the Swiss goalkeeper successfully tackled it.


In the 40th minute, Ronaldo scored his second and third goal for Portugal in the match, after Carvalho passed a cross inside the area, and Jota tried to shoot it, to be blocked by the goalkeeper and bounced off him, to be followed by Cristiano in the net.

Cristiano missed the opportunity to score a hat-trick after he followed an excellent cross from the right-back Cancelo, Ronaldo touched it from the six-yard boundary to pass along the post in the 42nd minute.

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Cristiano scored the third “hat-trick” goal in the 50th minute, but the referee canceled it for offside.

Bruno Fernandez in the 60th minute received the ball inside the penalty area from the left side and hit a powerful ball that hit the foot of a Swiss player and passed over the goal to a corner.

And Cristiano got a free-kick from outside the penalty area in the 66th minute, which Bruno executed with a direct shot that passed over the crossbar of goalkeeper Copil.

Cancelo increased Portugal’s goals in the match by scoring the fourth goal in the 69th minute, after an excellent pass from Bernardo, who participated a few seconds ago as a substitute, so Cancelo was unique in the goal and put the ball into the net.

The referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Portugal in the 82nd minute after Carvalho was blocked, but after returning to the video technology, the referee calculated a mistake from outside the area, to cancel the penalty kick, and Cristiano paid it with an accurate missile had it not been for the ingenuity of the goalkeeper who removed it with his fingers to a corner.

And the rest of the minutes passed without anything new, to win the Portuguese team three points.

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