Croatia aborts Morocco’s dreams and snatches third place

video goals:Croatia – Morocco – Played on 12/17/ 2022

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The Croatian national team defeated Morocco 2-1, and won third place in the World Cup in Qatar, this evening, Saturday.

Josko Gravdiol and Mislav Orsic scored for the Croats in the 7th and 42nd minutes, while Ashraf Dari scored for Morocco in the ninth minute.

The Croatian national team entered the match pressing, and goalkeeper Yassin Bono accidentally scored in his own net when he tried to pass the ball to his colleague.

In the seventh minute, the Croatian national team got a mistake, and the ball reached Perisic, who passed it to Gravdiol, who scored the goal from a distinctive header.

The Moroccan national team did not delay in responding, as the referee announced a mistake for the Moroccan national team, which was carried out by Ziyash, and the ball reached Dari, who scored the equalizing goal from a header in the ninth minute.

Confusion appeared on the defense and midfield of the Moroccan national team, and the Croatian team was exploiting it with offensive counterattacks, and Kramaric almost scored from a header that knew the intervention of goalkeeper Bono.

In the 22nd minute, Atiyatullah made a mistake and put the ball in front of Modric, who shot hard, but goalkeeper Bono intervened on two occasions and cleared the ball.

The Lion’s attack was active with two attempts, the first in the 25th minute from a beautiful artwork between Ziyash and Hakimi, who entered the operations box and passed to Al-Nusairi, but he did not follow the ball well, and the second from Boufal, who got a ball from Al-Khanous and hit hard, but one of the defenders blocked the ball.

In the 42nd minute, the ball reached Mislav Orsic, and with a beautiful touch, he scored the second goal for the Croats.

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At the start of the second half, Al-Rakraki included the player, Elias Shaer, instead of Sabiri, and the Croatian team was the first to be threatened by a powerful shot from Orsic, which passed near the left post of goalkeeper Bono.

The Croatian team’s attempts were very dangerous, by exploiting the defense and midfield mistakes, and in the 55th minute Onahi entered instead of Al-Khanous to revive the middle, and the Croatian team relied on offensive counterattacks and retreated back, and Ziyash tried to surprise the Croatian defense with a shot near the penalty area line, but the ball went over the goal.

Al-Rakraki was forced to make two forced changes to the injury, with the exit of Yamiq and Dari, and Bannoun and Meleh entered. In the 74th minute, Al-Nusairi singled out goalkeeper Levakovic and fired, but the latter saved the ball, and in turn, Kovacic missed an opportunity in front of goalkeeper Bono and shot aside, and Al-Nusairi missed an opportunity from a header.

The Moroccan national team pressed in the last minutes of the match to score the equalizer, but the Croatian national team was present and confronted all the attempts of the Lions, who finished their participation in fourth place.

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