Egypt overtakes Morocco in 120 minutes and qualifies for the CAN semi-finals


Watch the goals of the match between Egypt and Morocco 1-2

Summary of Egypt vs Morroco match

Egypt vs Morocco match: Egypt won an exciting victory at the expense of Morocco, 2-1, in the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

The Lions advanced in the 7th minute through a penalty kick scored by Sofiane Boufal, but Mohamed Salah equalized for the Pharaohs in the 53rd minute, before Mahmoud Trezeguet scored the second goal in the 100th minute, after a match that lasted 120 minutes.

Egypt qualified for the semi-finals of the CAN, to set a date with Cameroon.

Moroccan start

The match started with excitement from the first minutes, after Ashraf Hakimi fell in the 3rd minute in the penalty area, after a collision with Ayman Ashraf, the Pharaoh’s defender.

The referee awarded a penalty, after reviewing the video technology, from which Sofiane Boufal scored the goal for Morocco in the 7th minute.

Morocco continued its offensive start with a powerful shot, which hit the feet of the Pharaohs, and Salt did not realize it.

The Pharaohs responded with a Marmoush shot over the crossbar, after getting a mistake from the edge of the penalty area.

Yassin Bounou saved a powerful shot from Ayman Ashraf before Mustafa Mohamed directed a stray shot away from the goal.

Ahmed Fattouh directed another shot, which was saved by the brilliant goalkeeper Bono, while Egypt’s Omar Kamal received the yellow card.

Hakimi directed a powerful shot next to the post before Selim Salt received the yellow card for the roughness.

Nayef Akrad pushed across from Marmoush, while the Egyptian team tried to put pressure on Morocco’s left front, with quick moves by the trio of Salah, Marmoush, and Omar Kamal.

Al-Nini sent a reverse ball that Omar Kamal did not realize, while Ahmed Hegazy complained of a muscle injury before the first half ended with a Moroccan lead.

Egyptian return

The Egyptian team started the second half with Trezeguet going down at the expense of the injured Hegazy, and the substitute almost hit the net with a shot that passed near the post after a great effort from Salah, before Nayef Akrad removed a quick cross from Fattouh.

The Pharaohs scored the equalizer through Salah, who took advantage of Mohamed Abdel Moneim’s header, which was answered by Yassin Bono, and Salah followed it in the goal in the 53rd minute.

Morocco returned to the offensive pressure, after Salah’s goal, but Marmoush would have scored the second, had it not been for the brilliance of Roman Sais.

The Atlas Lions clearly dominated, in order to score progress, and Abu Jabal countered a dangerous shot, with Sufian Rahimi participating at the expense of Boufal.


The atmosphere became tense with an argument between Mustafa Mohamed and Ashraf Hakimi, and the duo received the yellow card, as Ayman Ashraf received a warning for the roughness, and Abu Jabal, the Egypt goalkeeper, shone with a touch for a dangerous Moroccan header that bounced off the crossbar in a very close opportunity for the Atlas Lions.

The Egyptian national team included its player Ahmed Sayed Zizou instead of Omar Marmoush, and the Egyptian team pushed the duo Omran Loza and Ryan Mayi at the expense of Al-Nusairi and Amlah in the last minutes of the second half.

decisive the goal

The Egyptian national team involved its defender Mahmoud Alaa at the expense of Ayman Ashraf at the beginning of the extra time, and Munir El Haddadi directed a powerful shot over the crossbar and left Mohamed Abu Gabal in the 95th minute in favor of his colleague Mohamed Sobhi.

Trezeguet managed to score the second goal for Egypt, from a wonderful industry by Mohamed Salah, with a quick and perfect cross start, to deposit the ball into the net in the 100th minute of the match.

The Moroccan team included Zakaria Abu Khalil at the expense of Ayman Barkouk, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim, the defender of the Pharaohs, received the yellow card, and Hakimi directed a shot over the crossbar, and the first extra-time went out with the progress of the Pharaohs.

Hakimi was sent across at the beginning of the second extra time, which passed without danger, and the Moroccan team pushed the player Tariq Tisoudali at the expense of Mounir El Haddadi, while the Egyptian team involved the player Ramadan Sobhi instead of Mustafa Mohamed.

Zizou fired a shot over the crossbar, and Fattouh removed a quick kick from Hakimi with an individual attempt by substitute Zakaria. Salah hit the feet of the Moroccan defenders and Rahimi took a shot over the crossbar, and the Moroccan team got a mistake on the edge of the penalty area. Hamdi at the expense of Salah and the meeting came out with the victory of the Egyptian team.

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