Erling Haaland has again traumatized England

In the third round of the European Champions League group stage on Wednesday night, Manchester City defeated its Danish opponent Kobenhavn 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium.
Erling Haaland (7-32), Davit Khosholava (39), Riyad Mahrez (55), and Julian Alvarez each scored five goals for the city (76).

Manchester City – Kobenhavn played on 10/05/2022

Copenhagen’s balance at the bottom of the group briefly froze as Citizens maintained their

lead in the seventh group with a full 9 points.

After Cancelo sent a cross from the right side and Haaland fired a direct shot from within

the box that found the back of the net in the seventh minute, the English team took the


After Bernardo Pea received the ball inside the penalty area and hit the post, City and nearly

added a second goal in the 12th minute. In the 17th minute, Halland attempted to add a

second goal but the Copenhagen goalie stopped him. After he distinguished himself by

brilliantly blocking a powerful drive from Grealish from inside the area in the 32nd minute,

Grabara continued to stand out in front of City’s dangerous opportunities.

In the 19th minute, Mahrez then set up Gundogan on the edge of the box, where he struck

the German directly with a ground ball that Grabara saved before the Algerian star struck

from distance with a strong effort.

In the 23rd minute, Grealish passed to Halland inside the penalty area, who then hit the

brilliant missile of the Copenhagen goalie in preventing it.

Grealish’s curving effort from inside the box in the 24th minute was deflected to a corner by

Grabara as the city continued to move closer to the Copenhagen goal. Immediately after

Gomez’s outside shot was stopped by Grabara, clearing the way for the Norwegian to

comfortably score in the net, Halland was able to add a second goal. Gomez’s strong shot

from outside the area in the 39th minute, which struck Favreau’s foot before striking

Khosholava’s foot and going into the net, did not cause a delay in City’s third goal.

Erling Haaland, quite obviously

In the 44th minute, Bernardo had a one-on-one opportunity with Grabara inside the box

after receiving the ball, but he bizarrely struck the top of the crossbar, giving City a 3-0 lead at the break.
In the 47th minute, City started the second half with an arc shot from the region’s borders through Gundogan, which Grabara saved.
Cole Palmer, a substitute, attempted to add his name to the list of goal scorers in the 51st minute with a shot from outside the penalty area that the Copenhagen goalie saved.

However, Stamenic’s obstruction of Laporte earned City a penalty in the 54th minute, and Mahrez converted it by shooting to the right of the goalkeeper to score City’s fourth goal.
In the 71st minute, after Grealish passed past Alvarez inside the area and the latter fired a ball that struck the post, City once more posed a threat.
In the 75th minute, Mokairo, who had Ederson to himself, launched a rare attack for Copenhagen, testing the Brazilian goalkeeper’s skill.
Lund rose to a cross from that corner and sent a header that narrowly missed the post. In the 79th minute, Grealish and Gundogan traded possession of the ball inside the penalty area. Grealish then struck a curving shot that narrowly missed the post.

In the 76th minute, City scored a fifth goal thanks to a penetration by Mahrez into the right side of the penalty area and a feed from him to Alvarez, who finished it off with ease. When Mahrez paved the ball for Grealish on the edge of the box in the 83rd minute, Grealish’s obstinacy allowed him to hit a direct shot that narrowly missed the post and gave City a 5-0 triumph.

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