!Manchester United regains its equilibrium


In the third round of the group stage of the European League competition, Manchester United restored its equilibrium by defeating Omonia Nicosia of Cyprus 3-2 today, Thursday, at the New GSB Stadium.

Watch incredible goals with Manchester United

Marcus Rashford (53-84), Anthony Martial (63), and United all scored three goals, while

Karim Ansari (34) and Nicolas Panayuto (85) scored for Nicosia. With that outcome, Omonia

dropped to the bottom of the standings without a point, while Manchester United increased


its total to 6 points, placing it in second position in Group E. An energetic beginning

Sancho‘s ground effort on the edge of the box in the sixth minute marked United’s first

attempt of the game, which missed the post.

Ronaldo fired a strong drive from within the box early in the ninth minute, but Fabiano

made a key save. United came close to scoring.

After Martinez leapt to cross from a corner kick and fired a header that went over the

crossbar in the 15th minute, United once again posed a threat.

In the 18th minute, Ronaldo gave Fernandes a chance to score by passing him a magic ball

inside the penalty area. Fernandes then hit a falling ball that struck the crossbar.

Anthony entered the game in the 27th minute, and Fabiano played a key role in diverting his

distinctively curving shot from the edge of the box to a corner kick.

!Manchester United: Add a score

Rashford, the substitute, attempted to change the outcome early in the second half, but his

curving shot from the left side of the penalty area in the 46th minute went over the crossbar.
In the 52nd minute, United was called for a foul, which Fernandes committed with a direct


shot that Fabiano saved.
After then, United was able to change the outcome thanks to a strong shot from Rashford that found the back of the net from the edge of the box.
In the 55th minute, Eriksen launched a strong attempt from the edge of the box that came dangerously close to hitting the post as United continued to move closer to Omonia.

After Bruno received Pea in the vicinity, Omonia returned to the danger in Deqiouq 68 and attempted to shoot a lob, but De Gea easily intercepted it.
After Ronaldo received a cross from Eric Ersken inside the area while unhindered, United answered in the 69th minute. Ronaldo then blasted a direct shot that cleared the crossbar.
In the 78th minute, Dalot delivered the ball to Ronaldo inside the box in front of his goalkeeper’s open goal, but the Portuguese striker bizarrely struck the post.

The goal of mercy

With a miraculous cross from Ronaldo to Rashford in the 6-yard area, the English striker netted the ball easily into the net as United added a third goal in the 84th minute.
After Kakoli transferred the ball inside the box to Panayoto, who then struck it directly into De Gea’s goal, Omonia showed that it was still possible by adding a second goal in the 85th minute.
In the 88th minute, Farid attempted to add his name to the list of registrants with a strong shot from the area’s borders; Fabiano took the lead in responding.


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