Sweden Dominates Estonia with 5-0 Win in Euro Qualifiers

In the fifth round of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, the Swedish national team delivered a dominant performance against Estonia, securing a resounding 5-0 victory. The match, played on Saturday, saw Sweden take control early, establishing a three-goal lead in the first half before adding two more goals in the second.


Swift Start for Sweden

Sweden wasted no time in asserting their dominance as Victor Jewkers found the back of the net in the 18th minute, kickstarting their scoring spree.

Expanding the Lead

Dejan Kulusevski extended Sweden’s lead in the 24th minute, while Alexander Isak added a third goal in the 39th minute, firmly establishing Sweden’s command of the match.

Second-Half Goals

In the second half, Sweden continued to press their advantage. Robin Caisson netted the fourth goal in the 76th minute, further solidifying their position.

Closing with Authority

The festival of goals concluded in stoppage time as Victor Clayson added the fifth and final goal to Sweden’s tally.

Sweden’s Standings

With this impressive victory, Sweden now has 6 points, placing them in the third position.

Estonia’s Struggle

On the other hand, Estonia remains in the penultimate place with just one point, facing an uphill battle in the qualifiers.

Sweden’s dominant performance in this match sends a clear message to their competitors in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. With their attack firing on all cylinders, they are a force to be reckoned with as they pursue their Euro 2024 aspirations.

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