Everton!! loses Liverpool in the Premier League

Liverpool won the Merseyside derby 2-0 over Everton!! on Sunday evening at Anfield as part of the English Premier League’s 34th round.


Andrew Robertson scored in the 62nd minute and Divock Origi scored in the 85th minute for Liverpool.

Liverpool’s total increased to 79 points, putting them in second position, while Everton’s score remained same at 29 points, putting them in 18th place.

Liverpool had the first opportunity of the game in the 21st minute, when Mane fired a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area that went just over the crossbar.

With Everton’s strong defense, Liverpool re-established themselves as a threat in the 31st minute, when Robertson delivered a cross cross from the left flank, followed by Jota’s straight shot from inside the box, which barely missed the post.

Richarlison then played a through ball to Doukuri in the 34th minute, who dashed into the penalty area and fired a ground ball that sailed wide of the goal.

Salah made his first appearance in the 43rd minute, exchanging passes with Keita inside the area before striking a curving ball that also sailed wide of the goal, resulting in a goalless first half.

In the 47th minute, Liverpool started the second half with a shot from outside the penalty area by Keita, which went just wide of the post.

In the 54th minute, Fabinho sought to attack the Everton defense with a strong effort from outside the penalty area,

but his ball flew wide.

Everton came close to surprising the hosts by opening the goal in the 55th minute,

As Gordon’s ground effort from inside the penalty area just missed the post.

Ayoubi leapt to a cross from a header foul that went just beyond the post in the 58th minute.


Everton!! vs Liverpool

After Salah exchanged the ball with Origi inside the area, Al-Masry sent a remarkable cross to Robertson,

who was free of censorship, who headed the ball into the net in the 62nd minute, Liverpool took the lead.

With Diaz’s penetration into the left side of the penalty area in the 64th minute,

Certainly, looked to add a second goal very quickly and their arrogance continued in the 66th minute,

As Salah chased down a ball away from the Everton defense inside the area, hitting the bird just over the crossbar.

Then, in the 67th minute, Origi rose to a cross from Arnold on the right side and headed a

header just wide of the post.

Gray almost caught Alison off guard in the 72nd minute

with a rocket shot from outside the penalty area that barely missed the post.

However, Liverpool came back in the 84th minute after Salah led the way for Thiago on the region’s border,

who hit the ball, which Pickfort brilliantly pushed away to a corner kick.

After Origi followed up a scissor shot from Diaz

with a header that smashed into the Pefcord net in the 85th minute,

As well as, Liverpool added a second goal.

Richarlison fired a fantastic shot from the edge of the box

that Alisson collected in the first minute of stoppage time,

and the match finished with the Reds winning two goals without a reaction.