Flamengo defeats Al-Ahly and wins the World Cup bronze

Flamengo RJ – Al-Ahly FC -Played on 02/11/2023

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The Brazilian team, Flamengo, won third place in the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco, after defeating Al-Ahly of Egypt, 4-2, today, Saturday.

Flamengo won the second medal in its history in the Club World Cup after achieving bronze in the current edition and silver in the 2019 edition, while Al-Ahly neglected the bronze medal it won in the last two editions.

Flamengo advanced with a goal from a penalty kick in the 11th minute through Gabriel Barbosa, and Ahmed Abdel Qader Najm Al-Ahly starred, scoring two goals in the 38th and 60th minutes, and Ali Maaloul missed a penalty kick for Al-Ahly in the 58th minute.

Khaled Abdel Fattah, an Al-Ahly player, was sent off in the 69th minute, and Pedro scored the equalizer for Flamengo in the 77th minute, then Barbosa added a goal in the 84th minute, and Pedro scored the fourth goal in the 90 + 1 minute.

Flamengo started the match with offensive pressure to score an early goal, and Al-Ahly’s defense removed a cross, and Abdel-Qader tried to organize a counterattack, but without danger, against the Brazilian team’s goal.

Varela fell in the penalty area after a collision with Ali Maaloul, and referee Mustafa Ghorbal counted it after referring to video technology, and Gabriel Barbosa scored the lead goal for Flamengo in the 11th minute from the penalty kick.

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Percy Tau tried to respond quickly with a shot over the crossbar, and Maaloul fired a shot that hit the foot of a Flamengo defender, and the Brazilian team tried to reach Al-Ahly’s goal with long balls, but without danger.

An opportunity was missed for Al-Ahly through a header from Mohamed Abdel Moneim from a cross sent by Ali Maaloul, and Maaloul directed a dangerous cross over the crossbar.

Ribeiro fired a powerful shot, which was caught by El-Shennawy, and Ahmed Abdel-Qader managed to score the equalizer in the 38th minute in favor of Al-Ahly from a cross sent by Maaloul, and Abdel-Qader brilliantly turned it into a header in the Flamengo goal.

Flamengo tried to return to the match by controlling the midfield, and Al-Ahly’s defense pushed away a cross for the Brazilian team, and the referee counted 9 minutes of wasted time at the end of the first half.

Marwan Attia saved a quick counter-ball for the Brazilian team, while Maaloul launched a distinctive attack with a wonderful cross that was removed by goalkeeper Santos.

The second half began with an Ahly attempt that was stopped by the Brazilian defense, and Flamengo responded with a cross from Ribeiro, which was removed by the defense, then a shot from Gabi hit the crossbar, and the referee awarded a penalty kick to Al-Ahly after a cross from Maaloul ended in a foul against Mohamed Sharif.

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Ali Maaloul missed the penalty kick in the 58th minute after a save from goalkeeper Santos, and Marawan Attia, the Al-Ahly player, received a yellow card for roughness.

And Abdul Qadir succeeded in scoring the goal of progress in the 60th minute with a powerful shot that hit the goalkeeper Santos, announcing that Al-Ahly had reached the lead after a break from dribbling that ended with a perfect shot against the Brazilian team.

Everton participated at the expense of Ribeiro in the ranks of Flamengo, and Percy Tau missed a dangerous opportunity with a shot over the crossbar. The referee awarded a penalty kick against Khaled Abdel-Fattah, an Al-Ahly defender, but it was canceled after returning to video technology, and Abdel-Fattah received a red card.

Al-Ahly’s defense removed a dangerous opportunity in favor of Flamengo in front of Pedro, and Abdel-Qader gave a solo to Mohamed Sharif, who strangely shot into the goalkeeper’s hand, while Al-Ahly included the player Mohamed Hani instead of Mohamed Sherif in the 75th minute.

Flamengo scored the equalizing goal in the 78th minute, from a fatal mistake by Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, so Pedro deposited the ball into the Egyptian team’s goal, equalizing for Flamengo.
Al-Shennawi removed a dangerous cross ball deep into Al-Ahly’s defense, and the referee awarded a second penalty against Al-Ahly after a handball by Mohamed Hani, and Barbosa scored the third goal for the Brazilian team in the 84th minute from the penalty kick.

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Defender Pablo participated at the expense of David Luiz, and a dangerous attempt was missed by Percy Tau from a long ball that was saved by the goalkeeper… Al-Ahly fielded the duo of Aliou Diang and Hussein Al-Shahat at the expense of Maaloul and Hamdi Fathy.

Flamengo succeeded in scoring the fourth goal from a fatal passing mistake in the middle of the field, and the ball reached Pedro, who easily deposited it in the El-Shennawy goal in the 90 + 1 minute.

Hussein Al-Shahat tried with a weak shot, and the referee ruled out a fifth goal for Flamengo for offside, while the duo Matthews Franca and Eric Polgar took part in place of Pedro and Arascaita.

Mohamed Hani passed a cross without danger into the Flamengo goal, and Barbosa and Franca received the yellow card, and Mohamed Hani and Hussein Al-Shahat also, after an argument before the end of the match, with a wide victory in favor of Flamengo.

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