A new fall.. Paris collapses in the stronghold of Monaco

Goals: AS Monaco – Paris Saint Germain – Played on 02/11/2023

Paris Saint-Germain fell again, losing to its host Monaco 1-3, today, Saturday, in the 23rd round of the French League.

Monaco’s hat-trick Alexander Golovin and Wissam Ben Yedder scored “two goals” in the 4th, 18th, and 45th + 1 minutes, while Zair Emery scored the only guest goal in the 39th minute.

The Parisian giants suffered their third loss in the league, a few days after bidding farewell to the French Cup by losing to their traditional rivals Marseille, to freeze their score at 54 points.

The loss did not affect the standings of the defending champion, as he remained in the lead, while Monaco jumped to the runner-up “temporarily” with 47 points, and Marseille and Lens succeeded him with 46 points each.

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PSG seemed disjointed from the first minutes, affected by the many absences in its ranks, as its defense was confused and its attack was completely lost, as it was without ferocity or danger.

Monaco took advantage of the weakness of the Parisian defensive quartet, Pembili, Marquinhos, Bernat, and Pichabu, and surprised the guests with an early goal scored by Golovin after an incursion from Youssef Fofana and Wissam Ben Yedder.

Gianluigi Donnarumma also saved other dangerous attempts from Robin Aguilar, Caio Henrique, and Wissam Ben Yedder.

And from a naive mistake by the young defender, Pechabu, Ben Yedder snatched the ball and hit it hard at Donnarumma’s net, scoring the second goal for the landlords.

PSG tried to absorb this shock but lacked the harmony between the attacking duo Neymar and Iketeki, who did not find enough support from the midfield quartet Vitinha, Danilo, Soler, and Zair Emery.

The Parisian team needed nearly a full half to carry out a successful organized attack, started by Ikitiki, during which Soler and Bernat cooperated, to be translated by the young player, Zair Emery, into the net, scoring the first goal.

Two minutes later, Monaco almost scored a third goal, but Donnarumma saved completely alone against Golovin, but the Parisian defense did not notice the danger, so Ben Yedder was alone again and scored the third goal in stoppage time.

Sergio Ramos took the place of Pichabu at the start of the second half, to restore the prestige of the defense, but Ramos almost scored his team’s net by mistake, had it not been for Donnarumma’s vigilance.

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In an effort to improve the offensive effect, Ismail Al-Gharbi, Ashraf Hakimi, and then Elias Hosni participated in the place of Danilo, Pembili, and Vitinia, but to no avail, as the Parisian team seemed very familiar.

On the other hand, the annoying duo Ben Yedder and Elias Ben Saghir came out to take their place, Takumi Minamino and Brill Embolo, and the latter almost scored a fourth goal, but Donnarumma saved his goal again.

As for Persnell Kimpembe, PSG defender, he took the place of the absent present, Hugo Iketiki, in an attempt by Christophe Galtier to prepare Kimpembe physically after his absence for many weeks.

The referee counted 3 minutes as stoppage time, during which Minamino missed a new confirmed opportunity thanks to the brilliance of Donnarumma, who saved the Parisian team from a heavy loss in the emirate’s stronghold 3 days before the upcoming confrontation against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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