France crumbles the fortress of Ireland with a Pavard missile

Goals: Ireland – France – Played on 03/ 27/ 2023

The French national team snatched a hard-won victory (1-0) against its host Ireland, this evening, Monday, in the second round of the qualifiers for Euro 2024.

Benjamin Pavard scored the only goal of the match with a missile in the 50th minute.

With this victory, the French national team maintained the top of Group Two with 6 points, achieving the full mark, and behind it the teams of Greece and the Netherlands, who beat Gibraltar by three, are equal.

As for the Irish national team, it lost at home and in the midst of its fans after a very strong performance, to fail its first test in the qualifiers.

France’s national team completely dominated the first half, but it was ineffective in assembling Ireland’s players defensively in front of their own goal.

The roosters tried to reach the goal, but the attempts of Kolo Mwani, Jiro, Theo Hernandez, and Griezmann were not enough to score.

As for Kylian Mbappe, he completely disappeared throughout the first half and did not find enough space to take advantage of his speed.

France’s goalkeeper Mike Maignan was also the guest of honor for the first 45 minutes in light of Ireland’s modest form.

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The scenario of the second half was more exciting thanks to an early goal scored by Pavard, who took advantage of a stray ball on the edge of the penalty area, to hit it hard into the net.

France coach Didier Deschamps moved to revitalize his attack, with Moussa Diaby replacing Giroud in the 65th minute.

Ireland’s national team rushed offensively but lacked skillful solutions, and coach Stephen Kenny’s attempts to improve the situation did not succeed, despite making 4 substitutions to activate the midfield and attack.

But the hosts remained steadfast in defense, as the Irish goal was threatened only by a powerful shot from Rabiot and another stray from Kolo Mwani.

In the last 10 minutes, Jules Conde and Choameni took the place of Pavard and Rabiot, strengthening the midfield and defense against Irish pressure.

Ireland’s national team continued its quest for an equalizer, as French goalkeeper Maenan saved a ball from MacLean, while Alan Brown knocked another ball near the post.

In the final minutes, Maenan saved his goal from two chances, the first with a header from his colleague Conde, who almost scored the roosters with an own goal.

Collins also rose to a corner kick with a powerful header, which the French goalkeeper removed with a wonderful save and with great difficulty from the right scissors.

Didier Deschamps tried to dampen his opponent’s enthusiasm with a time-wasting substitution, with Marcus Thuram replacing Kolo Moani in the 92nd minute.

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