Glowing Cristiano Leads Victory to Crush Al-Hazem in Saudi Professional Roshan League



In a dazzling display of skill and teamwork, Al-Nasr secured a resounding victory by defeating Al-Hazem with a commanding scoreline of 5-1 in the fifth round of the Saudi Professional Roshan League. The match, held at the King Abdullah City Stadium in Buraidah, saw star player Cristiano Ronaldo shine brightly, leading his team to triumph.

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Al-Nasr’s Dominance:

First-Half Action
The game kicked off with Al-Nasr asserting their dominance from the very beginning, while Al-Hazem opted for counter-attacks. Although an early header from Abdullah Al-Khaibri seemed to have given Al-Nasr the lead, it was disallowed due to an offside call.

Al-Hazem’s Attempts
Al-Hazem made valiant attempts to respond, with Badamoussi and Vinicius taking shots, both of which were skillfully thwarted by Al-Nasr’s goalkeeper, Nawaf Al-Aqidi.

Cristiano’s Magic
The turning point came when Sadio Mane set up Cristiano Ronaldo, who then teed up Abdul Rahman Gharib to slot the ball past Al-Hazem’s goalkeeper, Ayman Dahman, in the 33rd minute.

Mane’s Disallowed Goal
Sadio Mane seemed unstoppable as he netted a goal in the 38th minute, only for the referee to disallow it, citing an error by Sultan Al-Ghanam.

Al-Khaibri’s Strike
Al-Khaibri eventually found the back of the net, capitalizing on a corner executed by Brozovic in the 45th minute, extending Al-Nasr’s lead to 2-0.

Second-Half Surge:

Mane’s Close Call
Al-Nasr didn’t let up in the second half, with Sadio Mane coming close to scoring the third goal, but his shot rattled the post.

Badamosi’s Stunner
However, Al-Hazem managed to reduce the deficit with a stunning long-range missile from Badamosi, which found the top corner of Al-Nasr’s goal in the 47th minute.


Ottavio’s Clinical Finish
Al-Nasr didn’t have to wait long to regain their momentum. In the 57th minute, Ottavio capitalized on a technical play, courtesy of Brozovic and Ronaldo, to slot home the third goal.

Ronaldo’s Signature Goal
Cristiano Ronaldo, as usual, made his presence felt, scoring the fourth goal in the 68th minute after a brilliant pass from Abdul Rahman Gharib. His clinical finish showcased his exceptional goal-scoring ability.

Mane’s Second Goal
The relentless pressure from Al-Nasr finally paid off with a fifth goal in the 78th minute, thanks to Sadio Mane’s adept finishing, assisted by Abdul Rahman Gharib.

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Standings and Conclusion:

With this convincing victory, Al-Nasr elevated their tally to 9 points, securing the sixth spot in the league standings. Meanwhile, Al-Hazem remains at the bottom with just two points. The match not only showcased Al-Nasr’s formidable performance but also highlighted Cristiano Ronaldo’s prowess and teamwork.

In summary, Al-Nasr’s remarkable triumph over Al-Hazem was a testament to their skill and coordination on the field, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane playing pivotal roles in securing the resounding 5-1 victory.

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