In the 117-minute match, England beat Iran with a historic six in the World Cup


The England national team won a historic victory today, Monday, 6-2 against its counterpart, Iran

England play in Group B, owned by the USA and Iran, and England are scheduled to start in England on Tuesday 29 November.

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First goal by Harry Maguire

the right, to be met by Manchester City player from inside the penalty area, settled in the middle of the goal area. Moments before the end of the match

referee Mahdi Tarmi returned successfully.

In the penalty area, to be shot by Mahdi Tarmi

The England national team dominated the course of the first half, and Harry Maguire almost opened the match’s goals in the eighth minute

after he hit a powerful ball coming from his teammate Harry Kane from the right front

but the ball passed safely past Iran’s national team. His colleague, the Iranian national team defender

fell on the field for more than 8 minutes, and after receiving treatment inside the stadium

he fell again and asked to be replaced,

so that substitute goalkeeper Al-Hussein Al-Hussein participated in the first emergency substitution for the Iranian national team.

England was close to scoring the first goal through Harry Maguire, who received a cross From John Stones from the right front,

the Manchester United defender met it with an elaborate header, but the post stood in front of Maguire’s ball, announcing the continuation of the negative tie.

Jude Bellingham broke up the clash in the 35th minute and scored a header that hit Iran’s net, after receiving a cross from Luke Shaw from the left front

he met it Jude Bellingham header from inside the penalty area settled on the top left of the goal.

In the 40th minute, the offensive features of the Iranian national team began to appear

when Reza Jahanbakhsh sent a cross from the right front, but the defense pushed it away England successfully.

Saka strengthened the score in the 43rd minute, after receiving a cross from a corner kick from the left

Maguire met with a header that reached Bukayo Saka

he inside the penalty area, and the latter hit a missile ball that settled on the top left of the goal.

In a precedent that did not happen in the history of the World Cup

the referee added The match was 14 minutes of stoppage time in the first half

he was making it the longest half in the history of the continental competition.

Then Raheem Sterling added the third goal in the 46th minute, after a cross from Harry Kane from the right, Raheem Sterling met with a shot from the position flying into the penalty area and hit the net.

The half ended with England advancing 3-0.

Jude Bellingham tried to score the fourth goal in the 54th minute

after he passed wonderfully to the right of the penalty area, then sent a cross that the Iranian national team’s defense pushed away to a corner kick.

Bayoko Saka succeeded in scoring his second and fourth goal in the match at the 64th minute From the time of the second half

after he received a ball from Rahim Sterling, then he dribbled the defenders and hit the ball to the far left of the Iranian goalkeeper.

In the middle of the goal.

A few seconds after Marcus Rashford came on as a substitute in the 72nd minute, he succeeded in scoring the fifth goal, after Harry Kane passed the ball to him from the right

so he received the ball with a wonderful pass, then hit a powerful ball that settled in the goal. Jack Glerich refused to get out of the match Without making his mark

he scored the sixth goal to write a historic result for the England national team,

after he received a cross from Calum Wilson from the right, to be met by the Manchester City player from inside the penalty area

which settled in the middle of the goal. Moments before the end of the match

the referee returned to the video technology in order to make sure

There was a penalty kick in favor of the Iranian national team after the England players pushed Morteza Pour Ali into the penalty area

which Mehdi Tarmi fired successfully.

A minute instead of 90 minutes.

With this result, the England national team equaled its record registered in its name

when it defeated Panama 6-1 in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup held in Russia

that match was officiated by Egyptian referee Jihad Greisha.

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