Inter Milan kills Parma’s ambition with a late goal

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Inter turned the tables on its guest, Parma, to turn a goal behind into a 2-1 victory, in a meeting that extended to overtime, in which it decided to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

Stanko Juric scored Parma’s goal in the 38th minute, Lautaro Martinez equalized for Inter in the 88th minute, and the two teams resorted to overtime before Francesco Achirbi scored the winning goal for the Nerazzurri in the 109th minute.

The guest team almost visited Inter’s net quickly, after a wrong pass from Nerazzurri defender D’Ambrosio, Vasquez managed to get it to fire a shot towards the net, but goalkeeper Onana succeeded in stopping it in the 2nd minute.

In the 22nd minute, Roberto Gagliardini, the Inter midfielder, missed a goal opportunity after an excellent pass from the left side in the penalty area from Gossens to Gagliardini, who fired a creeping ground shot that passed near Parma’s right post.

And there was a real opportunity for Inter striker Korea, who took advantage of good preparation from Gossens, who was hit by the striker with a ground shot that passed next to the post, but the referee indicated that there was a case of offside on the Nerazzurri striker.

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In the 39th minute, Juric was able to score the first goal of the match for Parma, after several excellent passes, which ended with a “heel” from Simon Som to Juric, who fired a missile shot that hit a difficult angle on the goalkeeper Onana.

Inter almost equalized in the 42nd minute, after Dumfries tried from the right to pass a cross, but it missed everyone and passed towards the net, to be pushed by veteran goalkeeper Buffon to the corner.

A minute before the end of the first half, Parma almost added the second goal after an excellent follow-up by Benedezak to a ball that fell in front of him to fire a powerful shot with one touch and at the bird from the edge of the penalty area, Onana starred in it and pushed it away for the corner.

At the start of the second half, Dumfries managed to pass and penetrate the penalty area and passed a ball to Mkhitaryan, who failed to hit the ball toward the goal, so it went far from Parma’s goal.

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi made a triple substitution in the 66th minute: Dzeko, Dimarco, and Bellanova in place of Bastoni, Dumfries, and Mkhitaryan, in an attempt to activate the attack and score a draw.

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Inter executed a short corner kick badly to Aslani, the latter failed to reach it, before Parma carried out a quick counterattack, but Bellanova managed to block Parma’s attack, and the ball went out to a throw-in.

The Nerazzurri almost equalized in the 75th minute, after a corner that was executed inside the 6-yard area touched Dzeko’s head, but Buffon managed to clear it from his own goal.

In the 77th minute, Lautaro tried to direct a scissor kick, but it did not succeed. The Parma defender met it with a header that almost hit his goal, but it passed out of the field and turned into a corner.

In the 88th minute, Lautaro managed to score the equalizer for Inter with his first shot at the goal, after a cross was carried out inside the area that was dispersed by Parma’s defense, then it reached the Argentine striker at the borders of the area, so he fired a shot that hit the defender’s head and passed into the net.

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Buffon saved his goal from a second deadly goal for Inter in the 90 + 1 minute, after Lautaro passed the ball from the left and passed a cross that Dzeko met with a direct shot, but Buffon starred and saved it twice.

In the 93rd minute of the first extra period, Parma got a corner that was executed short to Camara, who passed Dimarco and fired a ball toward the goal, but Onana turned it into another corner.

And from a fatal passing mistake by Inter player Gagliardini, Heino snatched the ball before Bellanova reached it, then penetrated the Parma player and sent a creeping ground shot that passed near the right post of Onana.

At the start of the second extra half, Inter had an opportunity after Dzeko received the ball on the left side and passed a cross that Correa met with a header that was blocked by Buffon.

In the 109th minute, Dimarco passed a cross from the left side, Buffon came out of his own net to clear it, and Acherbe followed it up with a header from the edge of the area that hit the net, killing the match and Parma’s ambition.

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