Manchester United hits Charlton by three and qualifies for the League Cup semi-finals

goals video: Manchester United – Charlton_Athletic – Played on 01/10/2023

Manchester United qualified for the English Football League Cup semi-finals, after defeating Charlton Athletic, 3-0, on Tuesday evening, in the match that was held at Old Trafford.

Manchester United scored the double, Anthony in the 21st minute and Marcus Rashford in the 90th and 94th minutes.

Manchester United started the match strongly in the second minute, with an incursion from Garnacho on the left side of the penalty area, sending a cross, which Dalot followed with a direct shot that went over the crossbar.

Garnacho continued to shine on the left side, manipulating Clary and then hitting a powerful ball in the seventh minute from inside the area, which went wide of the goal.

Garnacho returned to try in the ninth minute, with a ground shot from inside the area, which passed next to the post.

Manchester United opened the scoring in the 21st minute, with a distinctive curved shot from Anthony from outside the penalty area that hit the net.

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Farid almost scored United’s second goal in the 35th minute, by executing a violation on the borders of the area, by hitting a distinctive ball that hit the post.

In a rare offensive appearance for Charlton, Morgan executed a foul from the edge of the area as well, hitting a direct ball that passed near the post in the 37th minute, to end the first half with United advancing with a goal without a response.

Charlton started the second half in search of an equalizer, with a shot from Fraser from the edge of the area in the 47th minute, which went over the crossbar.

Anthony tried to score another goal similar to the first goal, with a powerful shot from outside the area in the 55th minute, but his ball passed next to the post this time.

And from a quick counterattack, Garnacho launched into the left side in the 65th minute, and manipulated Ennis inside the area, before hitting a powerful ball that Brewer shone in stopping it.

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Substitute Casemiro noticed Brewer’s progress from his own goal, to hit a volley from the middle of the field in the 70th minute, which passed next to the post.

And Charlton got a violation on the borders of the area in the 78th minute, which was executed by Fraser, hitting a direct ball that went easy in the hands of Heaton.

Garnacho continued to shine on the left side, paving a ball for Eriksen inside the area in the 84th minute, so the Dane hit the ball directly, and Brewer shone in tackling it.

United added the second goal in the 90th minute, after a distinguished breakthrough from Pellestri on the right side, sending a through ball to Rashford inside the area, so that he would single out Brewer and hit the net.

Rashford scored the third goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time, after receiving a magic pass from Casemiro, to single out Charlton’s goalkeeper and hit the net, to end the match with United winning 3-0.

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