Juventus continues its awakening and passes the Fiorentina hurdle

Goals: Juventus – Fiorentina -Played on 02/ 12/ 2023

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Juventus achieved a difficult victory at the expense of its guest, Fiorentina (1-0), this evening, Sunday, at Allianz Stadium, in the 22nd round of the Italian League.

Adrien Rabiot scored the only goal of the match in the 34th minute, raising Juventus to 29 points in ninth place, while Viola’s balance was frozen at 24 points in fourteenth place.

Thus, Juventus continues its awakening recently, after winning the last 3 matches in various competitions, noting that it was punished by deducting 15 points from its balance due to “suspicious deals” and forgery in the financial statements.

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The first threat in the match came after 14 minutes after a cross from Di Maria reached Kostic, who had a good opportunity to score, but his ball passed by the goal.

Juventus missed the opportunity for a goal in the 23rd minute, after a cross from Chiesa on the right side of the area, Milinkovic, the Viola defender, fell strangely to pass in front of him and find Vlahovic, who fired a shot with his left towards the net, but goalkeeper Teraciano pushed it away for a corner.

In the corner kick, the defense dispersed the ball to reach Locatelli outside the area, and he hit a powerful shot that touched a defender and passed next to the post for a new corner.

And in the 34th minute, Juventus presented the first goal of the match through Adrien Rabiot, after Biraghi’s mistake in dispersing the ball to reach Di Maria, who prepared it perfectly with a cross that Rabio met with a header that was blocked by the viola goalkeeper but from inside the goal.

Sandro, in the last minute of the first half, almost caused a danger to his team, Juventus, after he took possession of the ball too much and in the wrong way so that Kwame could snatch it and penetrated into the area from the left side, but the Brazilian defender returned and removed it from in front of him to a corner.

Vlahovic added the old lady’s second goal in the 59th minute after he was alone in the goal following a through pass from Kosic that hit the defense, and Dosan was alone with it to hit the ball the moment the goalkeeper left his goal and put it in the net, but the referee canceled the goal after returning to video technology, on the grounds of offside.

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Fiorentina defender Dudu made a mistake in pushing the ball from inside his team’s penalty area, to reach substitute Moise Kean, who found himself alone in the goal to shoot it, but goalkeeper Teraciano shone and pushed it to a corner.

Keiza took advantage of a cross from Kostic on the left wing, which the young Italian received, penetrated into the area, and fired a ground shot, but it passed by the goal in the 70th minute.

Moroccan star Sofiane Amrabat, in the 73rd minute, threatened the Juventus goal after receiving a ball from outside the area and hit a powerful ball toward the goal, but Chesney managed to catch it.

Substitute Luka Jovic, a Fiorentina striker, missed the most dangerous opportunity in the 82nd minute, after a cross from the right, the Serbian rose to it and turned it around with an excellent header that passed next to Chesney’s right post.

And Fiorentina managed, in the fatal time, in the 89th minute, to score the equalizer by Castrovilli, who took advantage of a cross that Locatelli dispersed to reach the viola player on the borders of the penalty area, to fire a creeping ground shot that entered the net, but after returning to video technology, the referee canceled the goal for offside at the beginning. the game.

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