Juventus defeats Monza and sets a date with Lazio


Goals:Juventus-Monza-Played on 01/19/2023

Juventus defeated its guest Monza, 2-1, this evening, Thursday, at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, as part of the Italian Cup round of 16 competitions.

Juventus scored the double by Moise Kean in the 8th minute and Federico Chiesa in the 78th minute, while Mattia Vallotti scored the Monza goal in the 24th minute.

The Old Lady’s team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Cup, to set a date with Lazio, who also qualified for this round by defeating Bologna.

Juventus’ start was strong when Junior spoke and passed a cross that hit the defense and reached Fagioli, who met it with a shot that passed along the post.

After a quick counterattack carried out by Sully, he passed to McKinney on the right side, who sent a cross that striker Moise Kean met with a perfect header into the net.

Vallotti met a corner kick that was taken inside the area, with an excellent header, past goalkeeper Perin, so that the Monza team could equalize the score.

From the left wing, Eiling launched the ball and penetrated to shoot a creeping ground shot from the edge of the area, but it passed near the right post of Kraino.

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Juventus came close to doubling the score with the second goal after Sully received the ball to shoot from a distance, which the Monza goalkeeper managed to turn into a corner.


Craino saved the chance of a goal for Juventus from the feet of Moise Kean, who hit the ball towards the net, but Craino ran out of his goal, shone, and pushed the ball away.

Massimiliano Allegri, coach of the old lady, made his first substitutions, with the exit of the duo Sully and Meriti, to replace Chiesa and Lucatelli in the 60th minute.

Colbani received the ball to fire a missile from a distance outside the Juventus penalty area so that his shot passed just above goalkeeper Perrin’s crossbar.

Striker Moise Kean scored Juventus’ second goal, after a cross from substitute Di Maria on the left side, but the referee canceled the goal due to offside.

Juventus finally succeeded in scoring the second goal in the 78th minute through Federico Chiesa, who launched an excellent individual effort and hit a perfect ball into the net.

Di Maria was close to scoring the third goal after the ball reached him and penetrated into the area and hit a weak ball, then the match ended with Juventus winning (2-1).

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