Juventus defeats Udinese in the last gasp

Goals video: Juventus – Udinese – Played on 01/07/2023

Juventus defeated Udinese, 1-0, this evening, Saturday, at Allianz Stadium, in the 17th round of the Italian League.

Juventus scored through Danilo in the (87th) minute, to snatch victory in the last minutes, similar to his last match against Cremonese.

With this victory, Juventus raised its score to 37 points and jumped to second place, while Udinese’s balance froze at 25 points in eighth place.

The first opportunity in the match came after 10 minutes when Di Maria sent a cross, Danilo tried to shoot it, and Rojani followed it up, but the referee indicated that there was offside.

In the 17th minute, defender Nohan Perez fired a creeping ground shot from outside the area, which touched a Juventus player and passed by the goal into a corner.

Udinese almost scored the first goal through Wallace, after the corner was executed and Wallace met it with a header towards the goal, Chesney shone and drove it away from his goal.

Di Maria executed a free kick, to raise Rugani and turn it into a neat header in the goal, but Silvestri shone and pushed it with his fingertips out of the goal.

Moise Kean, a Juventus striker, missed the opportunity to advance for his team, after he got a pass in front of the penalty area, to fire a missile shot that passed near the goal.

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Kane got a golden pass from Di Maria, to penetrate from the right into the area and hit a ball toward the goal, which Silvestri shone and turned away for a corner.

Succes passed the ball to Wallace Souza on the edge of the penalty area, so that the Udinese midfielder fired a creeping ground shot, which Chesney saved twice.

Kane was close to scoring the first goal for Juventus after he penetrated into the area and hit a ball that passed higher than the crossbar and hit the top net of the goal.

Adrien Rabiot launched and penetrated into the area to fire a direct shot toward the net, which was blocked by goalkeeper Silvestri and passed in front of the goal.

Angel Di Maria was forced to leave the match with an emergency substitution in the 66th minute, after the player felt pain, to leave and be replaced by Arkadios Milik.

And through a quick counterattack, Pereira set off and fired a powerful shot, which his teammate Beto tried to follow, but it passed outside the field next to the goal.

And after Federico Chiesa crossed into the area, Udinese defenders wrongly dispersed it, and Milik did not expect it to fall in front of him, only to fail to put it in the net.

And after an excellent follow-up to Chiesa’s ball, who penetrated and passed a ball in front of the goal, Danilo, completely free of control, found it and put it in the net, so Juventus won (1-0).

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