Angry Inzaghi: A huge arbitration error cost us a draw

Goals video :Monza – Inter_Milan – Played on 01/07/ 2023

Inter Milan’s coach, Simone Inzaghi, exploded in anger at the decision of Juan Luca Sacchi, the referee of his team’s match against Monza, after he ruled out a correct goal for the Nerazzurri.

Inter fell into a tie trap against Monza (2-2) in a match that saw the referee cancel Inter’s goal in the 80th minute, almost giving the Nerazzurri the chance to advance (3-1) before Monza managed to score the equalizer in the last minute.

Footage of the replay of the canceled goal showed the fall of Monza defender Pablo Mari, after accidentally colliding with his teammate Armando Etzou, and not with Inter player Roberto Gagliardini.

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Inzaghi told Sky Sport Italia: “We are very angry, because it is clear that canceling the goal was a mistake. After 5 years of using video technology, a foul was counted because two Monzas stumbled into each other.”

He added, “Beside Lautaro’s shot at the post, we would have advanced 3-1, but instead we are talking about the equalizer, which came from a fatal mistake by the referee.”

He continued, “The weakness of Inter and his substitutes? These are all very important players for us. 3 days ago against Napoli, the substitutes made a big difference, but you don’t always get the response you want.”

He continued, “We always expect more, but at the moment it is difficult for me to analyze the match. If our goal had been counted, the score would have been 3-1 and we would have won.”

And he concluded: “There is a lot of regrets, as we knew that Monza was one of the very organized teams, and then we had problems with Calhangulu and Barella’s injury. We hope it is not a serious matter.”

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