Juventus eliminates Freiburg and reserves its seat in the Europa League quarter-finals

Goals: SC Freiburg – Juventus – Played on 03/16/ 2023

Juventus snatched a difficult victory from its host Freiburg (2-0), in the meeting that brought them together at the Europa Park stadium, in the second leg of the round of 16 competitions in the European League.

Dusan Vlahovic scored the first goal in the 45th minute from a penalty kick, while Federico Chiesa scored the second goal (90 + 5). Juventus reached the Europa League quarter-finals, after winning (3-0) on aggregate.

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The hosts tried to surprise Juventus by scoring early, and after 5 minutes had passed, Gatti lost the ball in the middle of the field, so Freiburg snatched it and passed it to Ritsu Doan, who fired a shot from outside the area that passed near the left post of Chesney.

Cuadrado fell inside the penalty area in the 19th minute, trying to get a penalty kick, in a snapshot that angered the Freiburg players, but the referee indicated that the game was completed without a violation.

Juventus managed to break the deadlock in the match in the 27th minute, by scoring the first goal through Vlahovic, after a free kick that was carried out inside the area, the defender met it with a header that hit the crossbar and the Serbian player followed it into the net .. However, the referee of the match, after returning to video technology, decided to cancel the goal for offside. Serbian striker.

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Juventus had a double chance in the 40th minute after Moise Kean fired a powerful shot towards the goal, the goalkeeper shone in it and pushed it away with his foot, to return again to the Juve players and reach Gati, who hit the ball to pass the goalkeeper and was saved by Freiburg defender Ginter from the goal line.

The referee of the match returned to video technology, to find a handball on Manuel Gold, the defender of the home side, to award a penalty kick and display Gold’s second yellow card, and then the red card, to complete the match with 10 players for Freiburg.

Vlahovic took the penalty kick in the 45th minute, to hit the ball in the middle of the goal, but goalkeeper Fleckin almost blocked it, so the ball hit him and passed into the net and announced Juventus’ progress.

In the first minutes of the second half, Freiburg got a free kick from outside the area, and striker Gregoric fired a missile that passed near the post in the most dangerous opportunity for the landlords.

Freiburg almost scored the equalizer in the 57th minute, had it not been for the ingenuity of goalkeeper Chesney, who blocked a clear opportunity, after a free kick was taken inside the area that witnessed a state of chaos.

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Moise Kean missed the opportunity to double the score for Juve in the 82nd minute, after a cross ball passed by Cuadrado, to be distracted by the defense from the borders of the area, and Kane finds it in front of him to fire a missile shot that passed over the crossbar.

Grifo, who took part as a substitute in the second half, tried to threaten Chesney’s goal after receiving the ball outside the area, to hit it with the weak ground in the hands of the goalkeeper.

Substitute Keiza succeeded in scoring a second goal in the minute (90 + 5), after a fatal mistake by the defense in dispersing the ball, to reach Rabio in front of the area, who passed it to Keiza, and the latter hit a perfect ball to the right of the goalkeeper into the net.

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